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Posted by One of the lost tribe on March 26, 2000 at 05:48:43:

Hello everyone! It's as if the stork dropped me into the middle of a continent somewhere and years have been spent with people that I just didn't fit in with and who didn't quite understand me as well as they should have.

Two weeks ago I had no idea ADHD would apply to me and now I feel as if I've finally found my lost tribe, my people! supercalifragilisticexpealidocous! (you knew I'd screw up a spelling like that didn't you ~chuckle~)

Like many of you I've taken the scenic route in life, poor grades, dropped out of college a few times, quite a few short duration jobs, and now I'm back in graduate school. I've been feeling pretty good about myself and decided that the smarts are there to do just about anything if I can just keep myself from being "lazy" and stay "modivated." ~grin~

Well, of all the new career paths I've started down I had to choose computer information systems, which just happens to require computer programing. Ouch! Imagine my surprise to just totally lock up on my first programing class. Dead in the water. Ran my ship into the rocks. Shark bait. "mayday" "mayday" "taking on water" "about to abondon ship" "SOS" "hey, has anyone seen that cutie that works in accounting? (distractions always seem to be more interesting than the impending doom lurking just under the waves)" ...etc...

I've spent most of my adult life compensating for ADHD tendancies and just didn't recognise it until now. The life skills and modivation of Steven Covey are the only things that got me through my last degree (masters in business administration) but even Captain Covey (dressed in a quite spiffy Superman-looking suit with a big "C" on the chest) couldn't help when it came to programing.

I just happened to run across some information on the internet that helped point out ADHD tendancies that were not only descriptive of my life, but, erily enough, seemed the basis for it.

After spending the better part of 3 days reading everything on ADHD I could get my hands on, the suspense of waiting for an appointment was a killer and I started calling to see if a sooner time slot would open up (of course! ~grin~) and it did. Yipie! The trip into the college's head mechanic for a tune up, lube, and oil change was literally the most exciting day of my adult life.

After hours of rather boring tests and a slightly abrieviated version of my life story, the very insightful gal said, "There seems to be a gap between your IQ and the grades you typically get." I could have saved us both the trouble and diagnosed that (OK, OK she's just ruling out other problems). She went on to express some concern that my past relationships were not as healthy as they could have been (How could two wives and a few serious girl friends all had all the same problems and all were so hard to be with after the 2-week honeymoon!?). Of course, after reading volumes of information on ADHD, about the equivalent of "War and Peace", it was pretty obvious why.

"Go girl," I felt like saying. "You're on a roll."

Don't ask me where all this was going I just wanted to say hello to everyone from Colorado State U! ~chuckle~


PS Am I the only one tired of reading not so sutle attempts to sell quick fix crapola in these messages? All you carpet baggers go away! Shew!

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