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Posted by dee on April 01, 2000 at 01:35:25:

In Reply to: Why are so many parents shoving meds down their kid's throats?? You're only setting them up for a life of hell! posted by Shocked on March 15, 2000 at 07:52:04:

: ALL kids go through stages where they seem to have problems. I bet every child out there can fit into the criteria for depression or ADD when actually it most times can be attributed to a learning disorder like dyslexia or self esteem problems. I am an adult who has been through hell trying to find a medication that works, I have a bunch of different diagnosis and side effects are hell. I cant imagine being a kid going through this. If I feel crazy and not normal now, imagine how your children feel being toted to the doctor, taking meds when all their friends dont have to, etc. In some cases I agree that medication is very beneficial. But a lot of time children are being overdiagnosed with ADD or depression or makes me so mad to read some of these posts! What ever happened to spending time with them and focusing on raising their sefl esteem instead of making medication and analysis of their minds a main focal point in their lives? It's not right! Starting a kid on meds this early in life will only make sure that they are on them forever. PLEASE seek every other alternative first. ASk them how THEY feel about all this. It's really not right.
I read your post and in a way i understand what you mean. I was terrified at the thought of giving my baby drugs!For years i fought the Doctors i found ways of helping my son organize himself.I would give him small tasks to do and slowly increased the number of tasks at one time, with constant prays he responded very well to this he called it the doing game.His teachers could not believe how well he was doing. This seemed to work for elementary school but when he got into jr. high the bottom fell out of our perfect world.So now i feel like i failed my son by not letting him try the meds when he was younger.mabey he wouldn't be severely depressed and in a hospital today. I would be very interested in hearing from you mabey you could help me better understand what it's like being an adult with ADD. Thank you Dee.

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