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Posted by ckinusa on April 02, 2000 at 11:27:04:

In Reply to: My Son/ADD and Adderall posted by LuAnne on April 01, 2000 at 08:50:29:

: My son was diagnosed with ADD about 1 1/2 wks ago. He was put on 10 mg of Adderall in the am and 10 mg at about 3 pm. The first week was heaven!!! I felt that I had my son back. After the first week I noticed that gradually he was reverting to his old ways of being impatient, stubborn and was fired from his job for an outburst he had with another co-worker. He is still somewhat better than without the Adderall. He is not as angry as he was without it.
: My question is...does he need his medication adjusted? Is this normal? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I want the son I had for a week back.

Medications alone do not work no matter what anyone wants to it,learn a new way..your son and more than likely your entire family need to learn alternative ways to deal w/ his behavior. We were on a waiting list for almost 2 years for an in home treatment center that helps families cope and learn how to manage the adhd child. It has made a world of difference in our lives.......Behavioral therapy and teaching new behavior is the key.I firmly believe this..we ahd been on the IEP and meds and everything else course for the last 7 years and now finally we see some hope in our lives that we will actually make it thru this.......together as a whole family........the first step is to acknowledge that your child is and has been able to control you and your partner and everyone else with this manipulative, learned behavior that has always and will always continue to get him what he wants....because of the adhd.
there are numerous meds like ritalin and dexadrine that too work for adhd kids. If one doesn't do it try the other........some kids react better to one vs. the other. Find a program designed tohelp families with behaviorally disturbed children and you will find hope...I challenged my HMO to get the covered benefits for the program and I am forever grateful to these people and their expertise. They have turned our lives around in a matter of months....
We had been in therapy for 7 years and never seen the results in any way similar to these. Good Luck!

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