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Posted by P.S. I forgot to stress............. on April 07, 2000 at 07:39:42:

In Reply to: Re: Alternatives to Adderal and other meds posted by margaret on April 07, 2000 at 07:16:33:

: : I am a newbie to researching this condition (ADD). All the older posts on this subject have been deleted. Does anyone have info to point me toward alternatives to prescription drugs. Any type; diet, exercise, herbs, alternative forms of therapy, etc. I would love to hear anything. Thanks Patrick

: Reply:-
: Here goes:- my motherly opinion-i do believe add/adhd are autistic spectrum disorders and diet
: can go a long way to ease and/ or remove the symptoms.
: I strongly believe anyone with any ASD should be checked out for both Allergies and
: Intolerances-amongst other things
: ( which you will find if you research properly-it's up to you 'open your eyes')
: Check out the following charities run by parents for info on diet etc.
: the above will also link you to the USA sister charity ANDI and others.
: check out:-
: the is full of info re: diet and message boards can be very helpful
: There is hope for us all, good luck and best wishes to you, margaret

P.S. I FORGOT TO STRESS......................

Please note if you identify your allergies and intolerances remove these from your diet SLOWLY
as it can bring about WITHDRAWAL effects
(rather like a drug addict giong cold turkey-for want of better words!)
You must avoid these offenders permanantly
and it can take some time for improvements to show esp. in older children and adults
because the body 'stores' those offenders,so it takes some time to remove these fully.
It is always wise to seek the assistance/guidance of a professional.
who shouldn't ignore this once given the full information

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