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Posted by Paula on April 17, 2000 at 09:09:02:

In Reply to: Re: Women with ADHD does the pain ever go away! posted by Judi Robinson on February 21, 2000 at 02:19:18:

: : : Any one out there with suggestions on coping with this?
: : : I do my best I have 3 kids (add of course) Seems like I can't seem to find a way to cope.

: : : On medications, they help. Not working now, Not sure what to do, need to go back. Tired of sitting at home.
: : : Not sure what type of job or career to look for. Afraid of the same old failures...

: : : Talking too much, mistakes.ect...

: : : Any women out there sharing my experiences I would appreciate advice, support. It's hard for me. Men welcome to reply also.

: : : I just wish that the pain would go away! Feeling aleinated... Wish I could fit in...

: : : Thanks for any help,support, advice...
: I so understand, I don't have kids but cannot even imagine how hard that must be, impossibe really---I just found out at 43 that I'm makes me mad but now I know why I made bad grades, felt so frustrated and was nick-named 'motor mouth" in high school. The thing that has helped me immensely is prayer---God is the only one that can really heal us---I'm much better since I turned it over to the One who made me! I'll pray for you tonite in my prayers! Hang in there!

I'm a mother of two You sound alot like me. Hearing that other women have the same troubles as myself is what helps me.I realize I'm not Lazy,Stupid or dummb.When I got tested two years ago I learn I was a very smart person. Because of my ADD I have short term memory problems.With hints a can recall infor. This makes me feel stupid. If I'm asked a guestion I usally can't get my brain to let go of the answer. I worry about what I look like to others,when I studder and can't answer them. My house is most aways a mess.My husband doesn't get on me about it, that helps! I have my good days and bad. My PMS is what throws me off.I hope just hearing from someone else gives you hope. ADD people are very smart and interesting ! We can do things people without ADD can't. Like,TALK TILL THE COWS COME HOME!

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