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Posted by Bonnie on April 27, 2000 at 13:48:35:

In Reply to: help....Jr. High is not working posted by Cyndi on March 03, 2000 at 03:11:33:

Reply: My son is 15 and in the 10th grade. He had been on ritalin since 3d grade and is now on dexidrine. He only takes it during the day, but when it wears off, I think he is worse or having withdrawal- he can get very nasty- sometimes he can't sleep and is up all night, then other times all he does is sleep - I get calls from the teachers saying he falls asleep in class. I don't really think it is working and I am now thinking of trying the vitamin approach. But anyway when he was in 7th grade he failed, went to summer school; went on to 8th grade. 8th grade he failed, I did not send him to summer school, so he was just going to repeat it. I know he is very smart. He could ace the tests, but just couldn't or wouldn't do the classwork or homework, which brought his grades down--so he failed. I found out about having him tested and the program they could use, since he had ADHD. He was tested at the end of 8th grade with the school psycologist, special ed, met with the Administrator, Principal. He had a very high IQ, his academic scores were some of the highest of his grade, he was at 12th grade, pre-college level on most subject. (my son has ADHD but no learning disability) So they developed the IEP (for the next school (High school) to follow)and moved him onto the 9th grade. I didn't know this before until someone else brought it to my attention but there are laws that they are to follow these plans. You should contact the Board of Education for your county about it. I have found that the teachers don't want to do any extra work. So you seem to have to be persistent, calling them and meeting with them all the time. Your tax dollars pay for them to provide your child with an education!! At the present time, I am having some problems with my son's IE plan/school and need to make some changes. ( I belive there are different plans-you may want to check into this). Good Luck

: My son is 12 and now in 6th grade which is Jr. High. He has been in special ed since the 2nd. grade. He is ADD/OCD and has a learning disability. He is in all regular ed classes and has an I.E.P. Now that he is in Jr.High, He is having worse social problems than he was before. He has been supsended twice for fights he did not start, there is a 0 tolerance policy here, and thrown in the garbage a couple of times. We have complained about the lack of supervision and the fact that our son is being harassed it seems everyday at school but nothing is working. The school is not following the I.E.P. on a daily basis. I have spoken with everyone I can think of and have now contacted a parent advocated group to help. We are supposed to reconvene for a new I.E.P. and do a behavoir plan. Does anyone have any suggestions for a behavoir plan? I have never done one before. Please feel free to e-mail me with your help... thanks.

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