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Posted by Bonnie on April 27, 2000 at 14:09:38:

In Reply to: ADD posted by sophia on February 26, 2000 at 08:18:33:

It seems all doctors do is medicate without really running any tests. With ADHD, ODD, etc. all they say they can do is go by what the parents and teachers tell them about their childs behavior. There must be tests that can be done. They can replace hearts, do brain surgery, re-attach limbs but there are no tests to check for ADHD. That's Ridiculous!! Maybe an endocrynologists would be better, they can check the blood levels, or see what imbalance in chemicals they have, as opposed to just giving them drugs (that are addictive). My son is on dexedrine, and all my son's doctor keeps saying is he's depressed and get him a tutor, without doing any tests.

: A big "thank you" to cheryll and mary.
: In answer to a question that Mary posed to me in the e-mail.
: I have taken our sone to a counselor here and after 6 months all she could tell me was that he was
: borderline ADD and ADHD. That to me tells me that she doesnt want to tell me what her opinion is
: she just wants more money. She only sees kids who are ADD/ADHD. I took our oldest son there too, and
: was told he was borderline ADD and depressive. We did the fmaily counseling and everything. mostly because
: at that time he was getting into trouble. being dissatified with the resluts I got with the oldest boy, after 6 months
: with the 7 year old, I quit going to them. The insurance doesnt cover it and I couldnt afford it, so I decided to
: go it on my own. If I had caught this with my oldest son sooner and been more insistent, he probably would have
: graduated from highschool and not had to spend time in jail. Now as a 20 yr old man he is doing better, but
: imagine how well he could have done. I dont want the same things to happen to the youngest one.
: We have another boy who will soon be 14 and I do beleive that he has some trouble with the attention thing in school
: too although he is not any where near as bad as the 7 yr old. I do beleive that both of them could do well
: with some form of vitamin or diet like cheryll mentioned. I will try these things for a few weeks before I decide
: if it is working or not. Once again I thank you very much.

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