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Posted by Carol A on May 03, 2000 at 03:02:00:

In Reply to: Re: Adderall posted by Karen on April 26, 2000 at 10:43:46:

Again, one may wish to read the medication side-effects before giving medications to obsure the side effects of another medication.
These are heavy duty drugs we are discussing, with serious side effects and personality altering properties, which also over taxes the thyroid which has to scramble to balance all the drugs and chemicals in the body...often it just poops out as it cannot handle the extra load. Rarely is thyroid imbalance even diagnosed, much less treated correctly, and so needless suffering ensues. But are we taught to take care of the thyroid or do we understand its vital function and vulnerability? We would not allow our children to smoke or even to drink coffee most of the time, but we have been conditioned to trust the use of drugs. By who?....the makers and sellers of the drugs! It is they who convince the doctors to try drugs on patients, and it is they who advertise pill fixes to the consumer.

I am not saying all use of drugs is bad.
What I am saying is be your child's health advocate, do not rely on any doctor to do this for you. They do not know everything or intimately know your child and they do make mistakes in judgement.

Once, my doc ordered a pill for anxiety for me, I know forget which, as I avoid all of them. I read the list of possible effects and DEATH was listed along with nausea, etc. as if that were a minor detail. I told my doctor and he said "DON'T TAKE IT!". I said of course I haven't...he said he did not even know that was a side effect.

Only you know your children and can observe whether or not the side effects are worth the possible outcome of using drugs, etc. to try to help them.
But we are responsible to BE informed...the doctor is not the parent.
Be aware, and be informed.

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