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Posted by KELLIE on May 04, 2000 at 21:56:17:

In Reply to: RE: Sorry to be so harsh posted by parent on April 24, 2000 at 10:03:35:

: You are so right.WE are putting small children in danger,with these drugs.The side effects are bad.The drugs do not make a child learn any better,yes it my calm them down for a few hours but what is going on in there little heads while they are zombies.No more for my child.WE need to find better ways for our children.Maybe these kids are doing what they should be doing,who is the judge of this?When I was young boys were wild, so to speak.If they acted bad in school, they were put in the hall,until they acted better.
: Teachers need to do there need to be able to make mistakes and learn from them this is normal.We are all different.So are children,thats what makes everyone so special.My child was on drugs for ADHD.Five years later NO MORE.Its not easy for he or I but he will be fine.Im sorry it took me this long to say enough.How many of your kids say please I don't want to take my pill? To me thats what matters. Good luck to you all.

I am not only a mother but also a special education teacher. It has been proven that the medication in many cases DOES help children to learn better. It is very difficult to learn if you can't concentrate or focus. Being put out in the hall until you can do better will mean that your child will know how many bricks are outside his classroom but not anything of educational value. My adopted child would have been is special education for the rest of his school career without Ritalin to help keep him calm, focused and more together. Children would prefer to have doughnuts for breakfast every morning and not do any homework if given the option. What a child wants does not necessarily mean that his choice is what is best for him. I'm sorry you did not see the results that you were after. Nothing is perfect but the benefits far outway the problems that we were having.

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