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Posted by Lynda Elander on May 23, 2000 at 12:20:19:

In Reply to: Re: Ritalin is Kiddie Crack posted by Karen on May 22, 2000 at 12:43:20:

: : : : : : I was flipping through the messages, and I'd like to say Right On concerned grandparent! Ritalin is nothing more than kiddie crack. I am a nurse, I have worked with ADHD people,both children and adults. I am married to a man with ADHD, who was also a Ritalin test child, and my 10 year old cousin, who I am very close to, has ADHD and is also on Ritalin. Ritalin is one of the most over prescribed drug to date. I think it is prescribed more for the parents rather than the children. Has anyone ever spoken to someone who is or has been on Ritalin? My husband described it as feeling as though his brain were under water. It slowed his thought process and response time. He is no longer taking medication and is now an aeronautical engineer. It has been my experience that those with ADHD seem to have a very high level of intelligence. It is as though they digest information more quickly that the "average" person and becomes bored and figity when not stimulated. We need to, as parents and as a society, to encourage and stimulate these children, not stifle them with drugs. I realize that ADHD children are very high maintenance, but if we continue to drug them, rather than nurture them, what can these children hope to become, especially if they are constantly being ostracized? I'd love feedback from other parents and family members of ADHD, whether you agree with me or not.

: : : : : I am for using medication only if it helps with the problems each parent is facing and that needs to be on an individual basis. From my previous posts you will note that yes my Son is on medication to try to help him but for school purposes and not because I think he needs drugs simply because he has ADD. My son's major school problems are the fact that he can't stay on task in school. I would be interested in any suggestions on how to help keep him on task in his regular classroom. Since my son has a very definate problem with staying on task in the classroom as well as trouble with his fine motor skills for writing I have him on medication to try to help these deficits. Any suggestions for helping him stay on task in his regular class room are always appreciated.

: : : : Hi Mary, Have you tried talking to your son's school about getting him a paraprofessional? Many kids with ADD just need that one on one attention to keep them on task and many times a para can help make a lesson more interesting, plus he would also be givien that added attention. The only problem I could see in this is the other kids giving him a hard time, but you never know, sometimes they can suprise you!---Sara

: : :
: : : My son is in special classes at times so he works with smaller groups on things but unless a paraprofessional sits with him his entire day it would not work. I am not sure if we have those in our school system but if they stay all day for one on one I could have my school get one. Our school system is very attuned to the Amercian Disabilties Act and knows that it has to give me what ever I need for my son within reason.
: : Hi MAry,
: : A para would sit with your son, give hime that one on one attention, keep him motivated and help him with things he's having difficulty with. Due to the fact a college diploma is not a requirement to be a para, they don't get paid very much, only about $8 or so an hour, so your son's district would be lying if they say cost is a major issue. Just ride them to make sure your son gets a para he can have trust in and that he can build rapport with. Good luck!

: My son also has a hard time staying on task. His teacher says he is very smart and should be at the higher level classes but can't put him there because he can't stay on task. My husband and I were thinking of putting him on the meds just to give them a try. We are generally against thatbut we are at are wits end on what to do. I want him to do well in school. I guess I will have to look in to a para for my son.

I am so thankful I have come across this site. The school that my children attend is concerned and feel that my daughter who is 9 has ADD as she has a problem staying on task and she is very fidgity, however she is very outgoing, loves life and wants to explore everything in it. Especially things that are to do with nature, bugs, mice, and all creatures she loves. She has no fear of bees and things that may sting her, however she can hold a bee in her hand and she is yet to be stung. To me she has a gift and desires to be an animal doctor (as she calls it). My concern is that if she is put on this kiddie crack (love that term) she will loose her God given talents and gifts, and I believe that there will be consequences down the road as with any drug. My thought recently is this that high energy kids need high energy teaching, how can our school systems think kids are all the same and learn in the same ways. I'm at my wits end and if it means pulling my daughter out of school and homeschooling then so be it, I will NOT allow the system to put my child on drugs.
Again thanks so much for this site, finally parents who feel the same as I do. I think I'll create a site called " Parents Against ADD" Its amazing how many there are against this so called diorder, and to me that is comforting.

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