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Posted by Sherry Franceschi on May 23, 2000 at 16:39:39:

In Reply to: 11yr old M, Ritalin no longer effective, DR thinks starting to go thru the change may need to try different meds? posted by Shelley on May 21, 2000 at 17:37:30:

I have a 7 yr old that was also diagnosed with ADD at the age of 4. So far, the doctors have had him on dexedrine and ritalin. Nothing has worked. He is slow at school and the plain and simple truth is.....ADD does not exist. I do not believe that my son has this. These children have learning difficulties and this is their way of earning money and letting lazy teachers off the hook. The school would much rather blame a parent than take on the responsibility of the work the state pays them to do. They would much rather work with the "bright" children than work with a child that is slow or just doesn't understand. If you have more than one child, you will notice that one child is always more smart than the other. A child that remembers everything and a child that learns differently. Isn't always more fun to teach the child that you tell once and move on to the next issue? Of course it is. But these children that learn differently are the kids that got lost is the cracks at an early age in school. There was something that they missed and it is hard to move on to chapter 2 when you didn't understand chapter 1. It is much easier for the teacher to tell you that your child is hyperactive and medicate him than it is for her to correct her mistake. It has been a week now that my son has been off ritalin. He eats better, sleeps better, and we will have this so called disease nipped in the bud before long. Trust your own instincts. And remember......Mom always knows best. If you want to talk you can call us.......Sherry Franceschi 843-552-6818

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