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Posted by Patty on May 25, 2000 at 22:25:52:

In Reply to: To Patty and Lynda posted by Mary on May 25, 2000 at 10:21:09:

: To Patty I feel terrible that it took that long for them to figure out that your son had ADD. My son was in the second grade when they felt he had more problems than we realized and we went with the standard vision tests and all. In third grade it was his special help teacher that he see that wondered if we had ever considered having him tested for ADD and I immediately scheduled the testing after getting the OK from our family doctor. I am glad the adderall has helped you son as this is the ultimate goal whether it be by medication or diet or whatever.
: To Lynda, you mention testing at school but what formal testing has been done at a clinic that tests for ADD? I would never trust just a school testing. My son was tested at a pediatric specialties clinic that has people there at this specific part of clinic to do nothing but test for ADD. You are then seen by the staff psychologist there who goes over the test results with you and explains what was done for testing and what the results were. As I mentioned before, trouble staying on task is only one sign of ADD. The difficulty with the fine motor skills is not something that I think diet will take care of although I could be wrong. My son gets a pretty healthy diet and eats very little candy/soda/cookies/treats as we don't keep these kind of things in the house. I do appreciate everyones opinion and suggestions that appear on this board though. I wish all of luck in dealing with our children.
Mary: thank you for responding. I am very grateful we have found help for our son - even though it wasn't as early as it could have been. I believe you are right about non school testing. We finally saw an educational psychologist who was recomended by my son's tutor. His help was invaluable. Patty

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