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Posted by crazymom on May 26, 2000 at 09:08:42:

In Reply to: Re: 11yr old M, Ritalin no longer effective, DR thinks starting to go thru the change may need to try different meds? posted by Patty on May 24, 2000 at 21:41:11:

: : My 11yr old son is starting puberty. He has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was about 6yr old. Avoided medicine until the end of third grade. Once we started Ritalin grades really improved, so did motivation and attitude. He is now ending his 5th grade year and we are noticing some real problems. Although he is taking 30mg of Ritalin daily, he is edgy and can not seem to concentrate. He fights alot with his brother and us and has started to act more immature. It really makes him stand out around his peers and he cares but can not seem to control himself. I have tryed to get him into a psychiatrist because we are noticing all these changes along with self defeating behavior(such as spending hours cleaning up his room only to make it worse, talking a hundred miles an hour to others, constantly barging into others conversations,feelingd of depression, cutting up our hallway carpet, cutting up papers into tons o tiny pieces and living it in obvious places) The list goes on. Because it is the end of the school year these DRs offices are packed. I cant get him in until August for his initial eval. His pediatrician had been following him, but does not feel comfortable rediagnosing him, and preferes he see a specialist.

: : My real question(now that the history is up there)is have other parents noticed a lot of changes in their children at this stage? What were they and how did you achieve results? Is your child back on track?

: : The Psychologist and the Pediatrician have both said it is not uncommon for these children to have to change to different medications during puberty.

: : His confidence is shot, we are having a tough time of it. No chores get done,he has gotten mouthy, homework was a joke this last quarter, no friends call for him anymore, it has been really had on my son and my husband. My husband dosnt want him to be a slacker, but lately the mother part of me keeps telling my husband to back off- the kid is going through alot right now. Is that the right thing to do - he is not having much sucess at anything lately, I just dont want him to get overwhelmed and really angry and deppressed.

: : Please write if you have encounted similar circumstances - what did you do and how was it sucessful?
: Dear Shelly; I discovered that my son needed vision therapy when he was 12. It helped him quite a bit in school (behavior too), however he was still struggling. Not until he was prescribed Adderall for ADD did he completely recover from learning road-blocks. My cousin's granddaughter had been taking Ritalin for ADHD. At 13, she was beginning to get into trouble at school again & her doctor changed her med to Adderall. I am told that she is happier, & school is going very well for her as long as she remembers to take the med.
Hi my son is having the very same problems,he was on ritalin since age6 worked well now this year his body grew and hes going threw changes.We changed to adderall didnt help teachers said he looked sad,not focused.So now we are trying a new drug.My son is the same age as yours.It is a hard age the body is changing,I find this year to be the hardest.Your not alone.Get him to a doctor if your doctor cant see him try a new doctor.Dont stop till you get him some help.Good luck my heart goes out to you and your son.stay positive.

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