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Posted by Melody on May 26, 2000 at 16:25:59:

In Reply to: doctor doesn't listen to me! posted by jodie on May 10, 2000 at 14:58:24:

: My son is 9 years old, he had a psychiatrist but no longer takes medicaid insurance, we had to switch to a family doctor
: My little boy has been on ritalin for a little over a year, he has stomach aches, headaches, no appetite, gets little sleep,
: is an absolute tyrant when home ( we don't get any of the medication, the school gets it) and now his eye twitches. I spoke
: to his doctor about all of these problems and he says don't worry about it. I have been on a waiting list for over 6 months for a
: new psychiatrist. I really don't want my little boy to take this medication anymore, the school nurse said she would call SRS
: and claim neglect. I certainly do not neglect my little boy, but I feel this medication has taken a toll on him and do not want him
: to take it anymore. What do I do? I do not want to see this doctor anymore, I am trying to find a new doctor that will hopefully listen
: to my concerns. The school nurse has even called my doctor on occassion without my consent or written permission, can she do that?
: I am at my wits end with both the doctor and this school nurse butting into my personal family life. She even called my work asking if I
: had food in the house! I am a very well paid nutritional educator, of course I have food in my house. I am getting worried that she or the
: doctor may do something like really call SRS or something and have my little boy taken away because I don't want to give him that crap anymore
: Do I have a right to say whether or not he should be taking this medication? Please help

I think I would have been very upset and told that NURSE that she would have to aquire a nurse of her own if she was to give my child anymore of that drug!!! And why does the school get the medication?????? I am sooo sick and tired of hearing of the schools doing this and that........HEY TEACHERS DID YOU FORGET WE PAY YOUR SALARY!! HELLO....

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