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Posted by Outsider on May 28, 2000 at 11:15:12:

In Reply to: Ritalin is Kiddie Crack posted by Sara on May 16, 2000 at 19:26:14:

: I was flipping through the messages, and I'd like to say Right On concerned grandparent! Ritalin is nothing more than kiddie crack. I am a nurse, I have worked with ADHD people,both children and adults. I am married to a man with ADHD, who was also a Ritalin test child, and my 10 year old cousin, who I am very close to, has ADHD and is also on Ritalin. Ritalin is one of the most over prescribed drug to date. I think it is prescribed more for the parents rather than the children. Has anyone ever spoken to someone who is or has been on Ritalin? My husband described it as feeling as though his brain were under water. It slowed his thought process and response time. He is no longer taking medication and is now an aeronautical engineer. It has been my experience that those with ADHD seem to have a very high level of intelligence. It is as though they digest information more quickly that the "average" person and becomes bored and figity when not stimulated. We need to, as parents and as a society, to encourage and stimulate these children, not stifle them with drugs. I realize that ADHD children are very high maintenance, but if we continue to drug them, rather than nurture them, what can these children hope to become, especially if they are constantly being ostracized? I'd love feedback from other parents and family members of ADHD, whether you agree with me or not.

Mid 30's, got diganosed with mild ADHD a year and a half ago. Never had probs in school, good grades, have been working steadily in same industry for 17 years. Tried Rittalin, Dexidrine, then Adderall after I got diagnosed.
Really did not believe in ADHD, but man oh man, when I got on the Addreall, I noticed 100% improvement in my concentration more so in home life. All those little piles went away, house was not a mess because I would get bored tackling a task like folding/putting away clothes for the family.... Then I decided I didn't need to take it and I started noticing the decline in attention. I don't have the $$ right now for the med, and I commute and can not afford to pay for a babysitter to go to the local ADHD support group. So, looking back at my life, I wish I had beeen diagnosed earlier AND helped thru school in some sort of way. I know i am intelligent but there have been so many times my lack of attention/distraction has happened, and I thought I was loosing my mind, like making tuna helper, taking it out of the oven and finding out I never put the tuna in (this was when I lived alone/no kids) and sure everyone has a story like that but mine were pretty frequent. Reason dr referred me to specialist to get diagnosed was because he said he noticed i repeated things back to him at least 2 times to make sure i got it plus i would write it down. When on the meds I can focus and remember a whole lot more.....
Pretty sure my son has it, trying to do everything I can to avoid putting him on meds, have him in a pre-school learning center that works with special kids and know about ADHD, but I do know that (or rather feel) the doses may not be right, and/or the drugs prescribed may not be right for that person. It is an individual thing that one must work with thier dr on.
Anyway good info I got that I will apply for my son.... Thanks

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