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Posted by Julianne on May 30, 2000 at 16:24:08:

In Reply to: Re: sorry to be so harsh, but ..... posted by Patty on May 25, 2000 at 22:43:49:

: : I'm coming down from Paxil and I have a new attitude about anti-depressants and other drugs that supposedly help with psychological disorders.

: : If you are giving your kid Ritalin or some other drug for ADD, I suggest you take the drug yourself and see what your kid has to go through. And be sure after 6 or so months (if you can make it that long) to see what it's like to stop taking the drug.

: : You might find that your poor kid is in a fog, feels numb, or suffers other nasty side effects.

: : In my opinion, this is abuse.

: : We get suckered into the "pop this pill and you'll be better" mentality. Guess what ? When you take the drugs, you might find out THEY DON'T WORK. They just mask the problem by turning you into a blob. Yah, Paxil "cured" my depression by making me an emotionless zombie. Was that living ???? When I decided being depressed and ME was better than being a zombie and I tapered my Paxil use, I started suffering really awful side effects. It's been nearly 3 weeks and I'm still not OK.

: : Do you really want to do this to your kids ??????
: Boy, I understand your concern, it sounds awful! The only med I have experience with is Adderall. I was apprehensive about giving this to my son. I was diagnosed with ADD & so was one of my brothers. I decided to go on Adderall myself for a week before letting my son try it. My brother started as well. Our father bought a blood pressure & pulse moniter & I kept track of us for awhile. My 16 yr. old had stopped taking it for a month. He noticed a change in his school work & I noticed a change in his organizational skills. He is back on it, much to everyones relief. My brother does not take Adderall on a regular basis - only when things get hectic. Perhaps this drug is less intrusive than others? We are happy with it.

Sorry we have to give our children perscription drugs, they are necessary in some cases. However long term effects of ongoing use are not known until it is probably too late. I will keep going back to basic nutrition; this id what is missing inour childrens daily life. We have found cancerfighting vitamins, our antioxidants, and many foods with phytonutrients are key. Why not look into natural solutions, before we give into the drugs. This is a passion of mine, I could go on and on! I know some days we parents would do anything to get our children to act normal, but in the long run who is really suffering. My email address is enclosed for those of you who want to join my passion. Thanks

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