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Posted by linda on June 06, 2000 at 17:30:20:

In Reply to: Ritalin and my 7 year old posted by Teresa on April 17, 2000 at 00:33:47:

: I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of the effects of prolonged use of Ritalin. I read in our newspaper the other day of a 14 yr. old boy that fell off a skateboard and died. When an autopsy was done,they said it the prolonged use of ritalin since he was 4 yrs.old had caused the arteries to the heart to harden.
: My 7 yr.old has been on 10mg.3x a day for 2 years,and I would like any info on herbal alternatives. I do not like the side effects of Ritalin,even tho it does seems to help. Anyone with info out there?

Long term effects are starting to come out now. evedience of more violent behavor in older kids, which my son is. A few facts...You cann't go in service if you've taken ritalin...its no approved for children under 12....In the state of Florida they will not give to prisoners even if they are on it. Thje last statement should get people to start asking some different questions. Like why are they fillin our kids full of a med that they won't give to priosoners. In fact due to my sons behave problems he has ended-up in a florida prison, the school system drugged him from the age of four to 20 and now that he needs the meds to stay in control he cann't get them. You have no idea whats in store for you and rights just try and find some one to enforce the rights these kids are suppose to have. I live in florida where supposely Gov. Jeb Bush is helping these kids, if he is his office is telling him people need help. And if he is helping the younger ones he's thrown away the one's the system has destroyed. Wake up people we better start finding someone willing to enforce the laws and rights of these kids. I'd love to tell you it gets better but I'hven't seen it. In fact my son was put in add classes at age four and everyone of the kids in the middle school class up to getting out is either in prison are baker Acted.

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