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Posted by Kathleen on June 25, 2000 at 23:01:50:

In Reply to: Re: 10 yr old on adderrall, need advice posted by Carol A on May 11, 2000 at 10:50:08:

: I sure think so!
: But unfortunately, unless you are the custodial parent you don't have any control in this matter. The best you can do is support his mom and if she is open to it offer some carefully thought out views and leave it at that.

My son is on addreall and has for 1 1/2 yrs and is doing very well on it. He is on 20mg a day, 15 mg in the morning and 5 in mid-afternoon. He went from making F's in school to honor roll student. When they first go on it you think: I am not going to make it and either his my kid, but when you child is requlated on it, you will notice a very big difference, so don't give up on this medicine. I wouldn't let the Dr put you kid on a high dosage when starting out maybe a low one. But, do expect your kid to have an appitite change of not wanting to eat. What I do with my son is he takes it monday-friday and doesn't take it on saterday or sunday. Then on monday he startes back up again.

Some dr's say: Oh don't do that it will not work properly for the child, you have to continue w/it.
My son, when he is off of it on the weekends he eats like crazy and I almost let him eat anything or anytime he wants. Your kid will loose weight, but if you take your kid off on the weekends, that will keep the weight normal and steady. My son has kep the same weight and has also gained since he has been on it. Also his Dr is wonderful his name is (Dr. Daniel McKinney) is specializes in ADD or ADHD, keeps him off of it 1 month before school startes at the end of summer.

It's kinda hard, but the doc says: it gives his body to rest from the medicine and it does. So don't give up , I am just telling you give it a chance, it works for some kids and sometimes not.

But it will be ok, oh, by the way don't be concerned about my e-mail address, when I decided to get an e-mail address I couldn't think of one, and don't ask me why on earth I thought of that one, even my husband told me: people are going to think your odd or something. I told him: well dear, it's orginal, he said: well, you got that right!. But I think I might change it, don't know yet, but if I do I will let you know, so hopefully I can ease you thru this medicine your kid is on, it's easier when someonelses kid is on it too.

Well got to go, have to work tomarrow. I hope you have a great day and chin up it will get better, I will pray for you to keep your head togeather.


My nickname , got it from my dad his name is Sam, he is retired Marine person. A wonderful man, if you ever need to talk, just e-mail me.

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