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Posted by Ricardo (ADD Person). on July 08, 2000 at 07:52:51:

In Reply to: Re: Beware of organised campaign of misinformation. posted by arlene on July 07, 2000 at 03:03:37:

Hi Arlene,

I read your posting & felt that you made some very valid points, I found that I could agree with some of them.

Firstly, Yes, I agree that if someone kills somebody, that they should pay or be accountable for it, but hipothetically speaking, (Q1)if that person was a child, & he or she was found to be mentally ill because of an untreated mental condition, a condition that was aknowledged but dismissed by the parents & general society, inspite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, not because it wasn't real, but because ignorance & neglect was easier than informed responsible action, would you then say that this child is to be taken to the electric chair?.... Yes or NO ?

(Q2)If you met this child before the dreadfull event of killing occured, & found that this child had some mental disorder, would you agree that he or she had the constitutional civil right to have proper quality psychiatric treatment? or would you say that this child does not have the right to mental treatment?

By answering the first question with a 'Yes', you also have to answer 'No' to question #2.

Secondly, I've got nothing against owning guns, but I don't want a group of 'vested interest' corporations to buy media time & polliticians to force the population's vote in their favour, I don't want a 'Corporate Democracy' style of political system to decide on all human rights issues.

Thirdly, I agree with "Education is key, not restriction on citizens" , I just want it to be the same attitude when it comes to how we deal with mental health & who is allowed to get treatment for it, & WHO is really making the choices for us all.

Peace & health to you, good to read your posting, keep up the questioning & debating, I apreciate your input.


: :

: Re: your posting. My view is that many people are getting off scott free just by claiming they are mentally ill.
: If you kill somebody you should pay for it, if it means the death penalty so be it. No one has the right to kill
: other innocent people. If it is a child, they should be treated as an adult.
: There are things I do not agree with the NRA, like hunting animals for sport. That is brutal.

: But citizens should have the right to bear arms and defend themselves from criminals. A simple law for 48 hour
: wait period is sufficient. Look if a criminal, gang member, etc. wants a gun he will get it.
: Most school gang members get guns by purchasing them from underground dealers who just like
: drugs smuggle them illegaly from other countries. They do not go to their local gun shop to buy them

: Education is key, not restriction on citizens. Parents have to be more aware of the dangers
: of having a gun near a child's reach. But if have no children and want a gun to protect myself
: I should have the right to own one.

: ALSE POSTINGS are being systematically & methodically made by members of an 'anti ADHD' diagnosis fringe group, they will start off on an 'anti medication' slant then propose that ADHD is NOT a real disorder.

: : These individuals are part of a right wing political organisation linked to the NRA (National Rifle Association) looking to 'scape goat' students who have been diagnosed with various mental disorders, in an organised campaign to take the 'HEAT off' anti GUN legislation currently being debated all over the USA.
: : Beware, these groups are essentially trying to 'SHUT DOWN' all types of mental treatment, & are also very 'pro death penalty'.
: : Please judge very carefully all postings that you read on all
: :

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