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Posted by Paula on July 17, 2000 at 19:38:48:

In Reply to: Problems with adderall - PLEASE HELP ME posted by K Lynn on February 02, 2000 at 00:46:30:

: I am a 25 year old female who was just recently diagnosed as ADD. I was seeeking treatment for depression and this new doc said I was ADD too. I have a history of substace abuse, impulsivity, bad relationships, poor organization, and irritability. Been on adderall for a week and a half, started with a half a pill twice a day for two days then a whole pill twice a day. My boyfriend has remarked that I am a much better driver (no road rage and speeding) and i am less cranky and generally in a better mood. At first as I was getting used to the doses and stuff I knew when I had too much (anxious, fidgety). Now I cant sleep at night and after my dose wears off I am very irritable and I cant concentrate on any of the racing thoughts in my head. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if maybe this is triggering some sort of mania in me. I was never diagnosed as bipolar or anything, but some anti-depressants cause me to speed up unnaturally. I dont know if my body is just getting used to the medication, or if I am always going to feel strung out like I used to when I did cocaine all the time. Please help.

I have had two major depressions in the last 10 Finding the right medication has taken years of experimenting because so many have caused symptoms of mania, including insomnia, racing thoughts, hyperactivity, etc. When not on medication, I do not have signs of mania. I also have ADD without hyperactivity and an anxiety disorder.

It took me years of experimenting with my doctor to find medications which worked without mania-like side effects. Right now I take a combination of celexa, xanax and trazadone.

In spite of these struggles, I feel glad to be alive, love who I am and feel very successful in managing my mental health.

May I suggest two books? "Dreamers, Discovers and Dynamos" by Lucy Jo Palladino, Ph.D., and "Please Understand Me II" by David Keirsey. These books will help you feel proud of who you are.

I think the most important ingredient in successfully managing your mental health is to continuously work on loving who you are and building a healthly self-esteem.

When you finally find the right medications, and it may take years, you will also have great endurance, tolerance for others, insight into yourself, and the determination to work your way through anything. Keep working towards your mental health goals and don't give up!

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