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Posted by Karen on August 15, 2000 at 09:08:14:

Hi everyone - I hope I can get some insight about ADD and common behaviors. Last year I married a man
with a 13 y/o son (Rob). Rob was diagnosed with ADD when he was about 5 y/o, and when he was 9, was
taken off Ritilin. He began having severe troubles in school last year (not doing homework, forgetting about
assignments/tests, singing and talking to himself in school and he has not made any friends) and his
grades which had been good the year before, began to plummit. The school called and met with us,
suggested we go to a psychiatrist. We did and he's back on Ritilin. It has worked amazingly with his
attention and schoolwork. He made the honor roll by the end of the year. My questions lie with his
behaviors. He talks to himself constantly - he is an only child and I can understand some talking - but
his talking and singing is constant - even when others are in the room. The other problem is he is
socially lagging behind his peers. He doesn't understand nonverbal cues, and if another child doesn't
want to play/interact with him, he will pester that child until they explode at him. He is also very unco-
ordinated - from dificulty tying his shoes, to running and tripping over his own feet. My husband says
these are all forms of the condition. I can accept the fact that he talks to himself as a part of the condition,
but the fact that he is quite uncoordinated seems like it may be something else. Does any of this sound
familliar to anyone out there? Your input would be appreciated. Thank you.

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