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Posted by andrew on August 16, 2000 at 16:56:31:

In Reply to: Re: adults with add posted by Tracy Terrill on December 13, 1999 at 02:05:17:

: : : just recently at the age of 38 i've been diagnosed with add. i guess this would explain why i
: : : have never been able to focus on almost everything. i used to laugh yet cry when my now
: : : ex-husband would tell me that i was stupid (and worse) because i could never finish any one
: : : project that i started. i've been doing research on every thing from drugs to support groups. any

: I recently was diagnosed with ADD when I had my daughter tested, as it turns out, both my daughters have ADD (only one is hyperactive). I was both relieved and dismayed at not having had the diagnosis made earlier and finding an answer for inexplicable memory loss, lack of concentration etc. The dexamphetamine has also helped with my depression and I no longer have any side effects, although initially I did - sleeplessness, lack of apetite etc. I am 40 years old and catching up on some lost time, studying! - Better late than never.
: : : information that anyone could give me would be appreciated.

: : reply--Raimondo, "You're not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid." Written by women with ADD for women with ADD. Good luck. Knute.

reply: hi there i have the utmost respect and admirationfor you i amso happy you were finally diagnosed with add as i myself know there are alot of stigmas attached to this disorder.

i am 26 years old and from the age of 6 was put on ritalin methylphlenidate until the end of my school years been 17. after this i refused to take it anymore as i felt 'different' from others. now in hindsight i can honestly say that my life went downhill rapidly between the ages of 17 to say 25. i went from been adhd to just add all that hyperactivity was gone something i really miss now actually.

at this time about 24 i finally found a fantastic therapist who also diagnosed me with clinical depression thus no wonder i had no energy felt so isolated and cried so often during those years as well i sufferred major tension type headchaes andws eventually put on narcotics oxycodone dextropropoxyphene codeine morphine pethedine you name it i was put on it and unbeknown tome over afour year period i became an adiict. i could not function without my narcotics.

i am proud to say that in the last month fianlly i have withdrawn and still withdrawing chemically from these substances i feel a new person.

now my therapist has me on efexor which is an anti-depressant called venlafaxine as well as dexamphetamine i am slowly starting function at a stable level as well as been able to concentrate and have much less impulsivity. the highs and los are dispersing and finally i feel i am leading a normal life now thanks to the help of my therapist my parents anf family and in particular the support of my fiance tania who lives in mexico. i am here in perth australia at this moment but we plan to marry and return here to live after afew years living in mexico city.

i support you and have the deepest admiration for you.

i know the pan and sufferring especially my recent narcotic withdrawal which now i realise was and is worse than the pain itself.

please free to email me and i wish to you and your daughters all the best of spirit and love.

sincerely andrew....

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