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Posted by Denise on September 01, 2000 at 10:18:26:

In Reply to: Re: There is a place for medication. . . posted by TYGG on August 31, 2000 at 09:38:14:

: : My husband worked for the jeuvenile courts in our county. Many of the kids he worked with were taking prescription medication for ADD and similar spectrum disorders. Those who were not taking prescriptions that suffered similar symptoms naturally sought after "something" to relieve those symptoms. They were self-medicating. What they found were meth- amphetamines, (pay-o-tee), THC, LSD combined with THC, crack, herione, etc. So the question is, "To medicate or not medicate?" So far, I have seen good results in my son by not medicating. But if it comes down to the point where we have to decide between legally prescribed or illegal drugs for our son, we will turn to a legally prescribed medication in a heart beat. If a child is prescribed a medication, then it is given in specific regulated doses. If you chose to not medicate a child that needs to be, what are the risks that your child might turn to illegal drugs? Will he eventually OD or turn to a deadly combination of LSD and THC? Please keep an open mind. . .Until we find all the answers there have to be options open to all.

: : I am a somewhat religious person and I believe that if we use wisdom in all things, study it out, and ask God for help, we will not go wrong with the decisions we make.

: : Love our children!
: I have to agree! Too many children are on Medication that probably just need a little more Love and attention. I know for a fact that these meds. do work in keeping attention and such but isn't there another way? I do believe that asking God for help is also a good choice.
: It seems to me that there has to be a more natural alternative.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. Many of these children need more love and attention. It is sad that so many of the parents of these children cannot deal with the children's problems on top of their own. So, rather than seek help and take on the problems head on, they become more absorbed in their own lives and problems. They may drink more, take drugs, abuse the children, throw them out, or stay away from home altogether hoping that the problems will disappear somehow.

We have had foster children in our home. One sixteen-year-old boy was left at the doorstep of DFS (department of family services) early one morning before they opened, when he was just 9. He had to be on meds to control his behavior problems and because his mother couldn't deal, he also had to take anti-depressants because he felt so unloved and unaccepted.
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