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Posted by J Gilbert on September 23, 2000 at 08:13:34:

Well we went to our latest meeting at school with the Exceptional Education teacher and the School Administrators, and after another glorious afternoon of biting my lip, I thought I would just vent a little were others might understand. Our daughter is in the 4th grade had no problems at all until the start of the 3rd grade. She has been on Meds for her ADD since 1st grade, so shes not newly diagnosed, just running into new problems as she grows. Her school got a new Administrator at the start of last year, and our battles have began then. Yesterday was our 8th meeting since the start of last year, when our Honor Roll ADD student went from all A's and B's to all D's and F's. Since our saga began last year the school has lost her records twice, told us she has all kinds of disabilities, tried to sneak papers by us to get her into special ed twice, and my personal favorite, the Pricipal has called me 2 times personally to tell me that because my daughters standardized test scores are consistantly below 40% she doesnt belong in a regular classroom. Our most recent meeting was supposed to be to discuss her re-evaluation scores to review her eligibility for special services. But as was the case at the last meeting over the summer the evaluation we requested in Dec 1999, because our daughter was failing every class, still hasnt been done. Apparently they lost the permission forms, AGAIN. This time I was told by the school personnel that my aggrivation and desire to blame people for mistakes was not helping anything. That they were doing there best, and these things take time. I was told that the 504 plan we wrote on our daugher in the spring of last year, ( without an evaluation I must add, because the lost the forms then too) was successful, and her grades were back on track. Now that shes back on the honor roll, we should be happy, not upset. Of course, we insisted on the 504,( the first written in our county for an elemetary child ) rather than their suggestion of moving her out of the regular classroom into special ed full time. (funny how they are tooting horns about how they did good here.) Finally, after listening to the pricipal lecture me about how special ed was not a stigma, and I should not look at it negatively, and how this whole 504 thing was new, and our girl was her first one, I quietly and politely told her thank you for the meeting, we need to get going. Please make sure the teacher sees the 504 plan, as you indicated she has not seen it yet, and this is the 6th week of school. Have a Nice DAY!!!!!!!!!

So Anyone Else get to have these kind of meetings? I know a few of you must. I cant beleive we are the only parents that have these lovely people educating our children. Anyhow, thank you for listening ( well really reading) just needed to vent a little, we already learned that arguing at the school does no good.

J Gilbert

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