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Posted by S Mann on September 23, 2000 at 16:11:19:

In Reply to: Re: anyone out there taking concerta? posted by Diane on September 21, 2000 at 10:27:17:

: : : : I have just started on a drug called concerta, a new preparation of Ritalin. My doctor seemed impressed with the drug's nifty mechanisms, and in theory it sounds good. However, I am finding it unreliable compared to regular CIBA Ritalin tablets, or even Ritalin SR. Has anyone else tried this drug?

: : : Hi, I took my first concerta dose today. That's why I am on the internet right now. I am trying to get more information about it. I was taking dexadrine. I liked it, but my doctor too seems to be impressed with this and wanted me to try it. So far I do not like it as much. Of course it is the first day, but I have a headache and have been more deficient in finishing anything today. I am also very angry and frustrated feeling. What are your symptoms? How long have you been on it? What dosage? I take 2 36mg tabs at a.m. I was taking 2 10mg dexadrine a.m.

: : : These pills cost a fortune in comparison to the others as well! My concerta 180 count was $416. My dexadrine was only $219. I don't have insurance. :(

: : : So far, not happy with concerta. Please respond back. Thanks

: : My 11 year old son was just diagnosed with ADD. The doctor started him on 18 mg. Concerta last Friday. I have nothing to compare Concerta to since this is the first medication prescribed, but he is having terrible mood swings approx. 12-14 hrs. after having been given the medication. Has anyone else experienced the problem?

: Hello....
: My daughter started Concerta 09/15. She has had some headaches but has noticed she is concentrating better and her attention span is better. We have not tried any other drugs so dont really have anything to compare to. I have seen some improvements in her grades since Friday. I think it's too early to tell if it will work or not. Some of the side affects are headaches I think for the first week. I have not seen a behavior change. I know she said she notices a change in the afternoon maybe not concentrating as good as in the morning. She takes 18mg in the morning. She only had trouble sleeping one night (Sunday). I believe because she took her dosage around 11:30 which she normally takes it at 7:30am. I am not giving up on Concerta yet....I do see a change in grades. I also studied with her on Sunday for a Religion test. She was very interested in what she was doing and knew most the answers. She made a 93 on her test and did not feel any anxiety when taking the test. Normally has a lot of anxiety and even though we study for test she normally fails or barely passes. NOT GIVING UP YET. :)

We have now been on Concerta for 2 weeks and things seem to be leveling out. The mood swings have decreased. My son's teachers had told me prior to being diagnosed with ADD that he managed it very well. Grades were always good but it was very difficult to hold his attention. He always seemed so stressed out during test and when the work load increased. Studying is now easier and he tells me that in class he is able to stay focused and organized. He seems less stressed. I did have to start giving Concerta earler (6:45) because his teacher said he was less focused in the mornings, afternoon was fine. We are having problems with sleep, but hopefully this will work itself out soon. Appetite is still not great but has improved somewhat. WE ARE HOPING TO CONTINUE TO SEE IMPROVEMENTS....

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