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Posted by Keri on September 27, 2000 at 08:59:28:

In Reply to: Ritalin and constipation ..... posted by Dave on September 27, 2000 at 00:05:07:

why are you giving a SEVEN year old mind altering medications anyway? it makes me sick that the health care industry has extended it's grip past the adults now and onto the children. none of these meds are proven for long term studies, and they are SO over prescribed its ridiculous. your daughter's brain has not even had a chance to develop, and here you are piling stimulant psycho-active medications into it. have you tried natural remedies? why are you so sure she needs ritalin? if it is CONSTIPATING a little girl, that would be side effect enough for me. perhaps she is being mis-diagnosed as ADHD because of her behavior....and perhaps that behavior is a direct result of the stress that YOU and her mother place on her. i would take a look at my OWN involvement in her situation if i were you. i am sorry that i am so blunt about this, but i just cant stand all the posts about children taking medication.

: I am in the middle of a situation involving my 7 year old daughter, her mother. To keep this message short .... my daughter suffers severe constapation while with her mother (which is the majority of the time) When she was with me this past summer for her extended visitation (3 - 2 week periods)she had no problems at all with constipation. My daughter takes Ritalin during the school year, only on school days. I understand there may be a side affect of constipation while on this particular medication. Of course, there are a couple of other factors that may be the cause here, and they are being investigated by Child Protective Services .... but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this problem while on Ritalin.

: Another reason for the constant problem may be that my daughter is not getting her medication for constipation (therefore the investigation), and her very stressful living arrangments with her mother.

: As you can see, this may be a very complicated mater ... and I hope the investigator involved in this case studies all the possabilities surronding this matter. Child Protective Services was called by the doctors, because the insurance was not showing where any of the scripts for the medication (Lactulose) was being filled.

: (As a note ... this "mother" thrives on the attention she gets from her little girl being "sick")

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