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Posted by Keri on September 27, 2000 at 14:41:44:

In Reply to: Re: Ritalin and constipation ..... posted by Dave on September 27, 2000 at 12:38:21:

I do not intend to be rude, and clearly this is a difficult situation for you. But it is very easy to be persuaded by doctors or investigators....Just because the case is being investigated by CPS, doesnít prove itís true. ANYONE can start an investigation. All it takes is one accusation. Once the report to a child abuse hotline is made, a screening process takes place. Child Protective reports that are not screened by the hotline are forwarded to CPS agencies that send workers to investigate. In addition to reviewing the report and contacting the reporter for further details as necessary, these workers question parents, children, teachers, doctors, friends, neighbors and others during the course of their investigation. In most areas, the CPS worker can go to a child's school or day care center and question them without parental permission or even a warning. Sometimes, the parent first learns of the investigation from the child! How will that effect your daughter? How will the ongoing battle effect her overall self esteem and value?
Where are you coming up with this accusation against the mother of your child?
Just because the signs and symptoms of a childís illness do not occur in one of the parentís absence is not a clear indication of MSP in the other parent. Allegations, grounded in suspicion, are often based in emotion, and may even be quite illogical.
It depends on how "in tune" the observer is. Who is the observer? Who is interpreting the mother's actions? Do they have an agenda? Is the observer someone disgruntled by the mother or the relationship? Maybe the observer is envious.
What then, does a "diagnosis" of MSBP actually mean? What processes are involved in a "diagnosis"? Should the diagnosis of MSBP be used at all? Of concern is the fact that some practitioners suggest that "exaggerating" a childís symptoms is all that is needed for a MSBP diagnosis.
The word "syndrome" comes from the belief that the moms who supposedly "perpetrate" this type of abuse share common personality characteristics, with a psychological motivation of receiving attention for having an ill child. In reality, the accusers, medical caregivers and Child Protective Service workers often perpetrate the real abuse Under The Color of Authority.
Even the most seasoned psychologists would avoid evaluating someone during a childís health crisis, yet this diagnosis relies on the unqualified evaluation of a parents emotions during just such a time. It is serious misconduct to refer to a parent's demeanor as a basis for suspecting abuse.
A number of legal and medical experts said that while Munchausen by proxy isn't common, the news media's reporting of it is becoming common. Medical professionals interviewed for this article went so far as to say that the disorder is on the verge of becoming psychology's "flavor of the month"Öthe next false-memory syndrome, perhaps?
If parents are harming their children, then a child needs to be protected. However, it is not ethical to hastily accuse parents, using non-transparent and unaccountable methods. It is not acceptable to simply state that this is "child abuse", which may somehow justify false allegations and deception. Every attempt must be made to protect parents from such situations. The MSBP "diagnosis" is questionable in regards to scientific validity, and is highly prejudicial to the mother.
The name of this "syndrome" evokes a hysteria and it is the responsibility of the public and those that represent the public to question the motives of the accuser as well as the charges of the accused. I urge you to look into the subject in great depth, and consider the very serious allegation you are making.

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