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Posted by Dave on September 28, 2000 at 00:05:16:

In Reply to: Re: Ritalin and constipation ..... posted by Keri on September 27, 2000 at 14:41:44:

Again ..... what amazes me is the fact that you "assume" you know the facts surrounding this situation, and you are assuming that the mother and I have a continuing attitude of indifference that may be affecting my daughter. Let me say .. one more time, and then I am finished with this discussion ..... There are no battles between the mother and myself. I know this woman ... her own family is involved in this matter .... and it has been under the careful eye of those around this situation for almost 5 years now. Trust me when I say ... you have no idea of the background in this matter .... you have no idea about the personality of this woman ... and you automatically assume that she is a good "mother".

A couple of other situations in the past 3 years that have come about. And keep in mind, these "illnesses" were kept from me, the father. They were only told to those who are related to my daughter in some way, but see her very little, or live out of state.

1) Three years ago, my daughter "supposedly" had colon cancer, and had very little chance of survival. Of course .. when I found out about this "story" .... and contacted the local (and well known) children's hospital, they provided me with all of my daughters medical records. And do you know what? No mention of cancer anywhere! Imagine that!

2) As told to the mothers ex-husband who just happens to live clear across the country. My daughter had a brain tumor, and had been operated on 2 times for this tumor. If course, he has a very well paying career, and is a very loving Christian man ... only thing is ... he also knows how this mother is.

These are ONLY a couple of the things that have gone on for the last few years .... but of course ... you don't know this about this woman. Instead ... I am, in your eyes, a big cause for my daughters problems. Have you ever thought, for just one minute, that not all women are good parents? Do you automatically assume that all men are root of all problems in a relationship ... and that men are NOT the better parent?

NOW ... for my original question .... Has anyone ever had problems with severe constipation while on Ritalin? (And remember .. the "mother" is the one who is the "parent" here who pursued the use of a mind altering drug for my daughter ... I would love to have her off of it, and hope to have a say so VERY soon .... for my daughters sake!)

A very loving father.

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