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Posted by My son has it, too on September 29, 2000 at 16:31:34:

In Reply to: Re: daughter has adhd posted by michelle on September 29, 2000 at 10:45:10:

We were referred by our family care doctor to a psychiatrist's office, which sounded frightening to me, but was the right move. We were sent specifically to a psychiatrist that deals with children, because she handles situations of ADHD in kids day after day. Ask you doctor if he has recommendations for a psychiatrist who generally handles kids with ADD. Or ask the school nurse for recommendations. All schools have kids who are treated for ADD, and the nurse has records of which doctors are used.

There really didn't seem to be any medical "tests" that are done, but the doctor/psychiatrist had my husband and I complete questionaires (we both completed them separately) about our son's behavior/habits, and then had us also take the same questionnaires to other trusted people who had regular contact with our son (his teacher, and a staff person at his after-school program that we really were comfortable with). It was important to get information from several sources, because differences existed depending on who the person was, situations our son were in with that person (me - morning episodes, teacher - during school, after school lady - social behaviors, etc.).

Based on the information received, the doctor/psychiatrist made the diagnosis. It also helped quite a bit that my son was so hyper, he literally couldn't sit still in her office prior to being treated. He was literally climbing on her, and pulled everything off her shelves. I've read that many kids are intimidated by doctors, so when you take them to ask about ADHD, the doctor is doubtful because the intimidated child is sitting so nicely during your conversation. Not an issue with my kid...

The best, greatest book in the world is "All About Attention Deficit Disorder" by Thomas Phelan. It is so very well written, it's actually enjoyable reading. It'll answer 99% of your questions. It's VERY informative, gives practical information and suggestions, and best of all, reassures you that the issue is not a result of anything you did, and that any feeling of frustration you have are normal. It's a wonderful book. It's actually entertaining because he describes behavior and will make you think "Hey, how does he know my kid so well!!!" I've seen it at bookstores, and you can order it on-line from places like Amazon.

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