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Posted by vicky on October 02, 2000 at 18:05:54:

In Reply to: Re: Does my son have ADD? posted by Barb on January 31, 2000 at 16:41:16:

: : My seven year old son is a day dreamer. He is highly distracted and even eating meals is a chore for him. He is at the table at least 1/2 hour after everyone else is finished. Many times we catch him just holding is fork and daydreaming. He is in Grade 2 and is not doing well. He is definitely not at the level he should be. He finds school boring and is extremely hard for the teacher to motivate. I just had a meeting with his teacher and the school counsellor the other day. They recommended that I take him to the family doctor to get a referral to a Pediatrician so he can be assessed. We have an appointment this week. It takes so long to get into see a Pediatrician. For those of you with ADD children, does this sound like your child? My son is not hyperactive. He is very mild mannered and a very pleasing child. I think that he has low self-esteem as well which I contribute to his poor academics. It must be tough to be that far behind the rest of your class. It is affecting his social skills as well. Help! I feel heartbroken and helpless right now until I see the Pediatricia
: n. Any words of wisdom will help.
: : Rose

: Rose, I've been wondering the same thing about my son who is also in 2nd grade. He is a daydreamer and highly distractable. He differs from your son in that, while not hyperactive, he has trouble sitting still when not focused on an activity. He has terrible difficulty sitting in a chair. When he is being spoken to he twirls and paces and constantly moves around. He bites his nails incessantly and seems very anxious. I repeatedly have to ask him to do the most simple task, and it often seems as though he cannot focus enough to do the task, even seconds after I ask.

: Miracuously he is functioning in school but I don't think that can last at the rate things are going. I hesitate to ask the school to get involved because I don't want him to be labeled, especially since they have not seen any behavior or characteristics that we see when he is away from school. I've asked both his pediatrician and a child psychologist to evalutate him for ADD but neither will do so without the schools' involvement, so now it's just a waiting game. It' extremely frustrating.

: I wonder if these are classic ADD symptoms. I also have a younger son who seems to be ODD. I know that many of these types of conditions are related and can be hereditary but right now both boys seem so borderline in their symptoms that I just don't know how to approach it. What's a mom to do?

i have an 8 yr old girl who has a short focus span. she can do the 2nd grade work at school but would rather fiddle with things on her desk, get up out of her chair, not pay any attention to what is going on unless it is something that she is interested in. i have to tell her 3-4 times to do something. it is a constant reminder game with most everything. she has a behavior problem at school. she is in trouble most all the time. she can do the work. i know she can because i help her every night. she can be good at school because she has done it for 2 weeks straight. could she possbily be ADD or just stubborn and wanting to do things her way? we are at a loss of what to do for her. i am thinking about having her tested in the next few weeks.

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