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Posted by R. Carman on October 21, 2000 at 01:29:39:

In Reply to: ADHD, solution to condition with over the counter non stimulant medication. posted by Alex on January 22, 2000 at 18:39:22:

: For 45 years I have suffered from a condition of which I knew nothing, and manifested itself in the form of many symptomatic illnesses. Five years ago my son was diagnosed with Moderate Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. After hearing the symptoms, I commented to Dr. Jerry Saffer, Child Psycologist, that he seemed to be describing my childhood. He suggested I pay a visit to adjacent office of Dr. Dan McClure, psychologist. Billeted here in Charlottesville, Va, Dan was one of two of the original ADD reserchers. I arrived for an evaluation carrying my elementary and middle school report cards Dan read through the report cards, and without further testing stated that I was a classic ADD profile. My Doctor prescribed Methedrine, and I had to take as little as 5 mg in order to not get a tooth clench. I felt alert and smoothed out compared to my usual moodiness, but I also had Vesuvius moments, in which my governor seemed to come off, so I stopped taking methydrine and tried Paxil. Meanwhile, my son Ritilin and his problems changed from non medicated to the medicated ADD problems of dosages, time release, and the after effects at the end of the day. Needless to say, our whole family was still on the roller coaster ride. After stopping the Paxel due to sexual disfunction, I sought the help of a Homeopathic MD. Through all of the various treatments for the symtomatic illnesses, allergies, and hyperness(I never thought of myself as a hyper person can you beleave that?), I spotted a compound in the AMNI catalog called 5 htp. This protein is used in the production of sarotonin, a brain serotonin precursor. With the temper issues of my hyperness, it was assumed that a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor was the answer for my ADD. What I felt I needed was to keep my brain on a steady run without all the peaks and valleys and the need to stimulate myselfwith anger and excitement, when my mind or body failed to perform as expected. My answer was to promote more serotonin production. The idea is that perhaps if my body senses a lack of serotonin, maybe it is trying to uptake it too quickly to compensate for my lack of it. I take only 100 mg, but my life has changed significantly. The roller coaster ride is over, and there is a sense of objectivity to my life that I was missing. I have still mood swings and depression periods, and all of the feelings that were before symtomatic, but there is a new perspective of calmness to go along with it that makes me feel "normal." Normal was something I never thought I would find. Meanwhile, my son was continuing on Ritalin and things were getting bad for him at the end of the day. His self-esteem was barely able to break the surface, and he had had his 13th birthday in May. By October, my wife and I decided to take him off Ritalin. We started him on 5-htp, and over Thanksgiving we stopped the Ritalin. His dosage is 150 mg but may need to be higher. Its working! His grades are consistantly better, his moods are less volitile, and things are for the first time not completely over-whelming. Things are managable! All of the old habits must be dealt with in one form or another, but the strength of the disease is broken. Success so far. Allow 6 weeks for dosage to take clinical effect. 5-htp, L-5-Hydroxytrytophan, is an alternative to tryptophan. Suggested use, 1 to 2 50mg capsules per day, 100caps about $30. Good luck and be sure to check with your Physician for any conflicting medicines.

: Thanks for your advise. I was looking for this kind of alternative for my 10 year old. Do you find this in any health food store and have you found any side effects?
As an aside, our chiropractor was an advocate of fixing sublixations, as he felt they inhibited the bodies natural release of serotin.

Thank you,

R. Carman

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