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Posted by Kari on October 21, 2000 at 10:59:52:

In Reply to: Re: a recovering alcoholic diagnosed with adult ADD posted by Mary on October 19, 2000 at 12:21:21:

: : : I am a recovering alcoholic, a little over a year. I'm 36 years of age, diagnosed with ADD last year after returning to college to find that I had trouble concentrating in class,and that every waking hour was completely chaotic. I take Adderal 40 to 60 mg/ day which has change the world I live in immensley.I'd like to know if anyone has any knowledge on alcoholism related to ADD. Had I always had ADD as a child or did the alcohol affect my brain chemistry as to mimic the symptoms of ADD. I would like knowledgeable input please.

: : I am also interested to hear some info on this topic.

: I can't say one way or the other on this but would think that if you looked back at your childhood as far as school went you would be able to remember whether you had ADD tendencies or not. Did you get easily distracted in class? Was it hard to stay on task with your homework? Was it hard to even get it all together in the morning just so you got to school on time? Look at these things and you might be able to better figure out the answers to your questions before someone even posts a response. Listening to my husband talk I know that my he had trouble in school but feels his problems were related to allergies that were undiagnosed for a while as well as being bored because things seemed to easy for him. He too is a recovering alcoholic but has NOT had any problems with staying on task since quiting drinking. We have one son who does have ADD and a daughter who does NOT have true ADD but tends to have to many thoughts going on in her head at one time causing her to get distracted in class and have trouble falling asleep. I hope some of this info helps in your quest for answers.

I am also searching for information related to
this subject. My 19 year old brother has been
struggling with his addiction for quite some time
and he was recently diagnosed with ADD as well.
From what I understand addiction is common among
adults with ADD, due to self-medicating.
I was searching last night for some info and
found some, not exasctly what I was looking for
but still helpful.
There are several books available on the subject
but I hve not reviewed any of them at this time.
I am also a therapist and it is my understnading
that treating both issues is the key to long-term
I am a strong advocate for AA, and encourage
all who have been labled as an alcoholic to get
into a recovery program.
Without education and support in your recovery
your chances of successfully dealing with the
problem significantly reduce.
I am also a strong believer that family
involvement is a must in treatment...wife,
children, mother, father, siblings...

I wish you the best of luck...recognizing the
problem is a major step to recovery...
Be thankful someone noticed your ADD symptoms
Now you can deal with both issues and have a better
chance of success...

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