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Posted by Gayle on October 22, 2000 at 21:44:29:

In Reply to: a recovering alcoholic diagnosed with adult ADD posted by Info. please on October 18, 2000 at 01:04:00:

at least that is what I have learned in my research and from my doctor and therapist. I too was a heavy drinker and a heavy user of stimulants. Think about when you drank and why you drank. Did you drink to be the life of the party, or to calm yourself down? As one other reader mentioned, this is a type of self-medication. But, keep in mind that ADD is a very individualized disorder, it is different for everyone. I (for example) am 37 years old. I was not diagnosed until well into adulthood for several reasons: I did very well in school with even trying; I appeared outwardly successful and even organized; I display no hyperactivity. But, I self-medicated; am very impulsive (physically and verbally); I spend a large amount of my time in hyper-focus, which makes me appear to have a great attention span, but I tend to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all others; I often sought out stimulating situations, even picking arguments if I could find nothing else; I also have periods where I can accept no more input or stimulation at all. At these times I sit in a darkend room with headphones on the keep out the noise. I take Adderall like you do (60mg)and it helps tremendously. It is my understanding that people are born with ADD, so I do not think your alcohalism created the problem. My therapist says it is a neurobiological disorder. But, environment can increase ADD symptoms, especially stress situations, which could have alerted you when you returned to college. If you were not the typical hyper active disruptive child, you can often be overlooked in school. I was considered shy and polite. What they didn't realized that I was so bored by other people that I only appeared shy when I was actually tuning out. Even today, interaction with people is my hardest issue. There are lots of good books on the market about ADD and ADD and Addiction. Check out and pick up a few that seem like they relate to your symptoms. I hope the Adderall helps you enough that you don't return to self-medicating. It has worked out well for me. My husband finds it amusing that I can take a stimulant three times a day and appear so relaxed. Oh by the way, every few years I think I will be ok and try to wean myself of off the stimulant. It has never worked. I always forget how larger than life it really was prior to the medication. I thank god for those pills, they have given me the ability to control my own life

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