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Posted by Chad on October 25, 2000 at 21:40:16:

In Reply to: Re: Frustrated- can never get a straight answer from family and friends about how meds effect me posted by Mary on October 25, 2000 at 11:43:46:

I have no real question about the meds helping me with organization. But sometimes I am just not as talkative, and I feel somewhat more withdrawn.

I would just feel better if I had someone besides myself tell me that I have improved, that I am easier to be around, something to make me feel better about having to depend on medication.

Just gets discouraging at times.

Thanks for your input.

: : I have been on Ritalin for a few years now, and it does help me with organization and focusing, though sometimes I wonder about other effects (social life, etc). I ask my parents because they have known me longer than anyone else. I ask the simple question: overall do I generally function better, worse, or about the same when on it?

: : They never give me a straight answer! Before I started taking it they always told me I needed to learn to relax because I never could sit still. My mother tells me now I am able to sit still whereas at one time I couldn't, and in the very next breath says that she always thought I did well without my medicine!!

: : My friends are the same way. I just don't get it, and I find it very frustrated.

: : Anyone experience this same thing?

: Why not see if you can help answer this yourself. When my son doesn't take his medicine he is unable to get organized in time to even think about catching the school bus and he is very moody about breakfast. He won't say what he wants till the last minute even though he was asked a long time ago what he wanted for breakfast. He then gets very crabby about the fact that he doesn't have enough for the item he wanted for breakfast. He gets bored very easily when he doesn't take his medication too. When he takes his medication he is at least dressed and pretty much ready to go to school and can usually be reasonable about breakfast. Even though he rarely rides the bus it is easy to get him out of the house and to school on time as he can function so to speak. Look at your own life and see if maybe you can't use this example to help figure this out since you no one will give you a straight answer.

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