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Posted by Rick d on October 29, 2000 at 17:49:11:

In Reply to: Just Hit the ADD Wall -- and I'm Scared posted by PureCoal on October 27, 2000 at 03:16:41:

: I'm 25 years old and just hit that 'wall' so to speak. I kept asking myself what the heck is wrong with me?
: Somehow ADD came up as a possibility. I knew that my 2 sisters had been diagnosed but I didn't know
: what it was. Then, I cracked a book on ADD and BAM! Out of the list of 20 traits found in adults with
: ADD I perfectly matched with 18. Since then a few weeks have passed and I've gone from denial to relief
: to being petrafied, sometimes all at the same time - it's like everything I've failed at all my life suddenly
: has a reason.

: Anyway, I'm off to a psychiatrist in a week for my evaluation, the same one my sister uses actually. Does
: anyone have any words of wisdom or comforting stories they can relate to ease my mind? This is truely
: one of the scariest, yet enlighting, moments of my life.

Hey, welcome to the gifted, multi-task club. It has been researched, and proven, that people that are ADD tend to be on the extreme upper end of the intelligence scale, on the upper end of the creative scale, and the upper end of the adaptive scale. Most of us with this brain wiring can literally do several things at once. We don't do them in the "proper" order so other people have labeled us "disordered", hence the Attention Deficit Disorder label. To illustrate; if a cup is glued to a table, a "normal" person will try to lift it, and then sit down to study and analyze the problem. When an ADDer discovers the problem, they use the speed of their brain to analyze multiple solutions, from various angles. The ADDer will come to the same solution, but they will have learned, or experienced, a whole lot more, and therefore will have a better overall learning experience to prepare them for the next task. Or, the ADDer will very rapidly realize the futility of such a stupid exercise, and will move on to the next problem. From the "normal" persons perspective we are hyperactive, inattentive, easily bored, and easily distracted. It is all in how you perceive the world.

Also, if you plan to have children, it may be that their brain will be wired the same as yours. I have a 6 year old daughter who is wired the same as I am. She is 3 full grades ahead of her 1st grade class, in terms of school work, and they literally can not find the right type of work to challenge her.

Anyway, if you decide to use medication, I'll give you advice on what to expect.

Try to stay away from anti-depressants. Ritalin works well, but it is extremely short acting(2-4 hours). Make sure you don't get generic Ritalin. Ritalin SR is ok(4-8 hours), but also short acting. Concerta (a new for of Ritaln) is supposed to be longer acting(10-12 hours). ADDERALL works well for some, but not for others(4-6) hours. Dexedrine is similar to ADDERALL, but not as long acting(3-5 hours). All of the stimulants can be VERY addictive, so only use what is prescribed to you.

Good luck and wlecome to the brightest club on Earth.

Rick d.

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