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Posted by Mary on November 10, 2000 at 10:16:19:

In Reply to: Re: ADD/Anxiety/OCD/??? posted by Pat on November 09, 2000 at 14:44:53:

: Mary wrote: WHOA!!!!! First off before anyone sticks a lable on your child take him to a clinic that tests for these things and get him tested. Without an official diagnosis of any of these disorders via test results I would NEVER put my child on any medication.
: ------------
: We've been going at this "diagnosis" for nearly 2 years now. One doctor says he will grow out of it and is not a candidate for medication, (2 visits). Another says to use 1-2-3 discipline, 6-8 visits). The last one, (2 years now), feels he has does show some of the ADD tendancies along with an high anxiety, OCD and Chronic Inflexibility/Explosiveness. The school simply plabels him as being ADD. Although, the school 'psych' says he doesn't fit into the ADD category.

: His family doctor will only consider medicating under the current diagnosis of ADD. His school work is being affect severly. He continues to have violent confrontations with kids at school and in the neighborhood, although they are lessening and are not as severe. The family doctor suggests Ritalin. Is this simply a "safe" place for a doctor to start with medication. I was under the impression that Ritalin might agravate an anxiety disorder, and weather or not Adderal might be a better choice.

: This is very complicated for me and I'm not sure I'm doing a good job of explaining our situation.

: Thanks,

: Pat
You explained things fine but you did not state that your child was ever tested for any of these disorders. If he was not properly tested than that has to be the first thing that you do. I am by no means against medication as I choose to medicate my son but I have all of his test results in my filing cabinet beside me here. Your child definately needs help and ritalin can be an excellant drug to use but be sure you have the proper diagnosis via testing for your child. Once diagnosed you would need to discuss your concerns about medications with your doctor and he can tell you based on expierence and studies as to why he has chosen one med over the other. As always if you are not satisfied with the way your doctor is handling all this then by all means find a doctor who you do feel comfortable with. I am a strong believer in testing for these disorders especially since my son tested positive for ADD while my daughter who also has concentration problems did not test positive for ADD but showed other problems as causing her problems.

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