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Posted by kim on November 20, 2000 at 11:43:53:

In Reply to: Zoloft and ADD or ADHD posted by Zyen on October 24, 2000 at 08:13:02:

: wow really need to finish this paper but if i don't get this off my mind it will don cusume me.

: Quick story
: I was diagnosed with adhd as a child. went to see a psy like 2-3 days (i'm in college now)

: She put me on zoloft..said i might have a mild case of depression, anix, and obessive comp dissorder.

: I think she might have missed diagnose me. She did say that the things to help this are also used for add or adhd

: Is there just a place i can go to get retested from my childhood days...should i take this med if i don't think it's going to work?
: Should i just go with it?

: I'm really wondering if i might have alittle of both. The adhd cause my constent non-focus, and rapid rapid though process..and mild depression might cause it to sometime be negetive.

: Is it common for ADD or ADHD people to have depression. (I really find it hard for 1000 thought a sec not to go sour once in awhile.)
: (I'm sure there are going to be mad typo's in this...but i think "u" might understand :)

: Sorry so long so many question so little time...please reply or mail if you have info

My son has been diagnosed ADHD. He was given Zoloft. The results were terrible. He totally freaked out. His pupils were so dialated that he looked "wild eyed". He had no inhibitions and did not care about any consequences. He wrecked the car, left high school, and generally did things that he normally would not. He is now on Wellbutrin and doing great. I am really against Zoloft. The school counselor said she has had students diagnosed ADD or ADHD take Zoloft and try to commmitt suicide because they felt so out of control and had no cares about anything.

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