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Posted by nancy on November 21, 2000 at 21:52:22:

In Reply to: Re: Is anyone familiar with Provigil and treatment for ADD posted by Kate on August 29, 2000 at 18:41:37:

: : First time on this message board for me. I am compelled to respond to your question as it also interests me.

: : I'm a 47 married father with lifetime ADHD which I have treated on and off. For the last few years I've been taking Ritalin and recently added Effexor. I feel pretty well focused, except when the Effexor begins to wear off when I get, for lack of a better word, "trippy". (Ask some of your flower child generation friends what that means if the description doesn't communicate.)
: : I've just come from an ADHD conference featuring famous psychiatrists (who I won't name until I speak with them at the conference tommorrow) who are suggesting that Provigil is an excellent stimulator of the attention system that doesn't work on the same dopamine (a neurotransmitter) system as does Ritalin. The effects last up to 12 hours, and it stimulates you to be "vigilant". It doesn't necessarily help with "focus" problems, as do the stimulants, but it has no side affects (other than not being able to sleep). This famous doctor suggested that many who are aware of the drugs action now prescribe it "off label" for ADD in adults. When "focusing" treatment is necessary, it has been possible to combine the drugs with a significantly lower dose of Ritalin.
: : Hope this feedback is helpful. I'd like to hear from others if they have tried this.
: : Regards. Joe

: I am newly diagnosed with ADD. Because of my low tolerance to Ritalin, my psychiatrist first prescribed Provigil. I have been taking 100 mg. every for about a week and feel great. A definite improvement in my life: awake, clear, calm and manageable. No more constant frustration. As for addressing focusing and other ADD symptoms, I am not sure if it is sufficient. I will let you know as it progresses. Thanks for bringing up the issue.
: :Regards:Kate.

Hello. My son has been treated for depression for the last 7 years. Not one SSRI has worked in all that time. ADD is common in our family, however, the slight risk of developing tics (only in those already predisposed) was unacceptable to him, as he plays professional billiards. To make a long story short, the "depression" caused him to become a hypersomniac - sometimes sleeping 16+ hours per day! Provigil was suggested and lo and behold (within 2 days) his depression was "cured", his ability to focus improved dramatically and, well, I have my delightful son back! His Psychiatrist is thrilled for him and hopeful this treatment might work similarly for others. He now sleeps about 7 hours per night and wakes rested. Provigil does not appear to impair his ability to sleep - or even nap when appropriate. The only down side I can see is the expense you know that 100 tablets of a 200 mg dose costs $510.39?!?!? I'm terrified that when his cobra insurance runs out, no one will be willing to pick him up because of the cost of this (wonderful) drug. Provigil is available in Canada, France and the U.K. for dramatically less...In fact, during the Faulklands War,I understand that the British army used it to increase their soldier's alertness...Does anyone know of any trials or studies in the U.S. that one could join? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ever so much.

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