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Posted by Mike C on November 26, 2000 at 18:17:18:

In Reply to: Re: natural remedies posted by sophia on September 09, 2000 at 09:18:19:

: : : My grandson was was diagnoised with ADD. We have subsequently found a natural remedy for the diagnosis and are very satisfied with the results. Please feel free to contact me.
: : Sue
: : : Yes, you are right. ADD is not synoymous with stupid. There are a few good books out there on adult ADD, and at least one of them says that an adult with ADD can do quite well without medication. Some of course do better.

: : : I don't know about "natural" remedies though. I have friends who have tried various natural forms of healing, (for ADD and a variety of other problems) only to find that many of them are not so natural.

: : : I wish I could remember the name, but there is at least one "natural" healing product out there that made my friends heart race and nearly pass out (it was loaded with caffiene). I wish I could point you to the article, but I recently read in a recent health magazine that some natural remedies not only do not work, but may be just plain deadly when used over the long hall.

: : : If you feel you do well without it, maybe you should consider taling to your doctor about discontinuing it.
: Sue...could you please help me...I dont want to put my son on the prescription drugs that the all of the doctors reccommend....anything that is herbal or natural would be a better choice in my opinion. what is it that your grandson takes ? my son is 8

People, do you not know the side effects of Ritalin,ect.? There are better alternatives. Do some of your own research.
Try reading a few books that address the root of the problem: Smart Moves by Carla Hannaford,Ph.D.; Evolution's End by Joseph Chilton Pearce; The Drama Of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller. They have other great books as do other researchers.
There is MUCH, MUCH info out there. Go get it. Don't rely on one source.

P.S. ADD/HD is NOT a Ritalin deficiency.

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