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Posted by Donna on December 10, 2000 at 08:29:34:

In Reply to: Tough choice to treat daughter for ADD with Adderall posted by Tiffany on December 06, 2000 at 21:24:09:

: Hi I am appealing to any parents that's faced the decision I am facing at this moment. My daughter is 9 years of age and since basically at an early age, I've suspected there was something wrong with the way she functions on a day to day basis. Now that she is 9 it seems to not to be improving, she is an smart child, but seems not to be able to complete any task, various mood swings, depression, seeks sweets constantly and at times abusive to her siblings. I for many years have dealt with all of this without much support from my husband. Last year when her doctor suggested we put her on something, he had a fit about his child being medicated, finally for the zillioneth time the teachers called us up to the school and after our discussion and him nor I being able to offer any suggestions, he finally realized that the problem is not going away. The doctor subscribed the medication Adderall today for her and surprisingly I didnot fill the perscribtion yet. I've done the natural thing which is to educate myself about everything possible about ADD, symptoms, medications and side affects. Now that I have the perscibtion, I feel overwhelmed with the discision to put her on the medication. I feel powerless to continue to see her not get the full benefits of school and her childhood, because of her disease, but, I wonder if I am creating a bigger problem by medicating her on something that could lead to addictions or who knows what later in life. I know she has a father, who also should play a part in this, but, I feel like he can be so clueless as to what is going on with anything other than his career. I feel so torn and guilty over a decision that could affect my child so drastically. Please offer some support.

Hi Tiffany. PLEASE, PLEASE look into neurofeedback for your daughter! We have been doing this treatment for our 9 year old son (ADD, anxiety, sensory integration disorder). The results have been incredible. This is a permanent, NON-DRUG cure for most neurological disorders. Our physician recommended this treatment for our son. My son suffered three years being on medication. Every school year he would lose 15 pounds, he would cry at the drop of a hat, had no friends and was depressed all the time, he had no focus. He was miserable. Now, after 15 treatments, he is smiling, has a lot of new friends, is doing class work and home work, is sleeping through the night, has gained 20 pounds, home is a peaceful place - even his big sister tolerates him. I hope you take the time to research the following websites:,, Please email me with any questions [email protected]

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