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Posted by Jon on December 13, 2000 at 01:13:10:

In Reply to: I am a registered nurses with ADD posted by Julie on December 01, 2000 at 23:21:00:

: I have ADD without the hyperactivity. Any suggestions as to how I should approach my orientation or what I should tell my boss as to what learning process works best for me? I have many ideas, but it is difficult to explain to people that do not live with this. I can learn, but I learn differently. It helps me to reclarify the info that I am taught, that is one thing. I get overwhelmed as a new employee. More than others do. I have to have everything exactly the same until I get acclimated. Once I get acclimated to everything, I am fine, but it takes longer for me. Another weird thing is once I have commited a process/info to memory, I do not forget it, so I have to learn it right the first time because it is very difficult to revise.Mostly it is the styles of interaction and the physical space that trips me up. Not the nursing practice.
: Sometimes I wonder if I am autistic but I cannot be because I detect even the most subtle nuances in behavior. In spite of being able to do that, I still have troubles relating to people. I think I come off as being very aloof. I am usually serious at first and really focused on the technical aspects of learning the job. So much so that I might actually ask someone where a piece of equipment is before saying, "Hello." I am a "work first then play" person. I notice everything and have a hard time filtering things out.
: While people are talking to me, I hear them, I have a basic response to them, but I am thinking about other things as well. I am either thinking more about a particular care/practice issue, therfore my interaction with others is stunted while I am mentally preoccupied. This makes me look like a "space case" even more. Although, if someone asks me to elaborate, they find that there is much more substance under that exterior. I am thinking, that is all.
: Sometimes it seems as if I could have a conversation with 3 people at once. Seems satisfying that way for some reason. I pay better attention that way. Usually talking with one person about one thing, puts me to sleep mentally or males me feel sluggish. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

You couldn't have descibed it better, I can totally relate with everything you have written. I seem to be pre-occupied in my head with other things (usually technical) when I'm working or talking to someone. Everyone that meets me thinks I'm very intelligent, but when I become at ease around certain people they think I'm just a big goofball. Granted I love to joke around, laughter is great. Somethings that I laugh at or find funny, other don't. Thats when I get worried people think I'm weird. I'm 27 years old, over the years I have come to a conclusion that I'm actually a step ahead of the person who looks at me funny for laughing at something that they're mind did not look into deep enough to find the humor. Every job I've had I've been told I'm slow. Yet, my work is of top quality and no return for service. I've been into electronics since I was 12, and has been a career for me since I was 17. I live with it. I have had to teach myself methods to remember things. I served in the Marine Corps as a radio operator, took me a while to catch up, but I became very proefficient in my duties. Always know you are awesome at what you do and others are the ones who are missing out on a gift that lets you stop for a moment, and recognize your an individual who has talents that exceed the average person, and your not just another number.

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