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Posted by Dawn on October 08, 1999 at 21:50:18:

In Reply to: Age for diagnosis of ADD... posted by withheld on October 08, 1999 at 17:33:38:

Hello withheld,

I understand completely!! Our daugher is 9 and was diagnosed as ADD in Kindergarten. Many people will tell you that 5 is a bit young for testing, and some will tell you its not. Your best bet is to find an independant doctor that specializes or is very knowledgable on ADD. Many pediatricians are familair with it, but it my opinion few have the knowledge to make the diagnosis. I would suggest a Child Psychologist. I will tell you what lead us to have our girl tested and you can form your own conclusions. She was failing Kindergarden, and they wanted to hold her back for a year. We knew she could do the work at home, and was very good at it 1 to 1, but the school said she couldnt even do her ABC's. This was the case in all her subjects. She was very aggresive with her siblings, and felt the need to be in the middle of everything, no matter what and I mean to the point of extreme aggrivation. She did not relate to the other kids, and was generally playing alone, or to the opposite extreme felt the need to dominate younger kids. She went to the eye doctor for routine exam and we found out she has extreme stigmatisms( this was a big red flag for us from materials we had read) We were constantly being told by the school " She is just immature, she needs more time." If I had a dollar for every teacher that has told me this Id have enough to hire our own teacher and home school. she took her first standardized tests, and scored in the extremes, top 1% in some areas and bottom 5% in others. To us this made absolutely no sense, how do you have a child score in the lowest 5% nationally in basic math, but score in the top 1% nationally in mathmatical reasoning????? We later found out this is a typical ADD pattern. Anyhow there are many symptoms, some are actually related to other problems also and can mislead the diagnosis. You should talk to other parents, read some of the articles and books on ADD, and definitely have an independent test done. I am sorry if any of you are educators, but we live in a state where ADD is at the bottom of the list, and I find myself very aggrivated with our schools. We spend more time trying to convince teachers that our daughter is not a severe learning disable child, and that if they follow a few simple guidelines she will perform very well for them. But I will never allow the school to perform another evaluation on her, as in our case they did a very poor job and entered it with many preconceived ideas completely tainting the evaluation.

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