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Posted by Nancy on October 09, 1999 at 17:27:20:

I did not have time to read all the messages posted here but looked at several about kids the approximate age of my son. He is 7 1/2. I just got him home from the Psych ward at the local hospital. The Dr. said he does not have the classic ADD but enough of the characteristics to warrent him to reccomned some special services. OK, so here is my problem. Everyone (Dr., therapist, me, etc.) think he needs to be in a "Behavior" classroom at school, so he can receive the structure and routine that allow him to keep control. His biggest problem is not the ADD; it is the Oppositional/Defiant Disorder that goes with it. He has been picked up by the police 3 times since school started for running away, threatening to harm himself and others, and destroying property. However, the school district is saying they will not put him into a "Behavior" classroom because he is still succeeding academically in the normal classroom. (Ooops! forgot to mention the Attachment Disorder.) The school says they are following the "least restrictive environment" position of the IDEA. However, I say that under the Section 504 34CFR sec. 104.4 "it does not require that the child's educational preformance be adversely affected by the disability" so they need to provide him with the services he needs to perform to his ability level. Because the school will not search him he is coercing and stealing from children on his bus. He had hit people in his class. He has threatened people on the playground. This is in addition to his "safety issues" at home. I feel that the extra structure of a special ed classroom would help him feel in control and more successful so he could also function more appropriately at home. Has anyone dealt with this legal issue? Were you successful in getting the services you desired? Any suggestions on an approach to the school personell that might help advance my cause? Anyone know of any sites where Section 504 is discussed in depth? (PS. Just for the sake of info - the windows are locked, the knives are locked, the doors are locked and we have motion sensors. The neighbor kids stay away. The animals hide when he is outside. We have a "sheet rock" man as a tax deduction! Ha!) :-)
Anyone that has been here and lived through it please reply. Thanks!!!!

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