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Posted by Jeff on October 17, 1999 at 03:02:24:

In Reply to: question for parents with ADD children posted by Rebecca Robinson on October 15, 1999 at 17:46:21:

Hi Rebecca,
I have 4 childern one of which has ADHD,(attention Deficit, Hyperactive)she was diagnosed when she was 5 now she is 9. I think you have to make your own decision as to get him tested, but, I can tell you that its hard to diagnose before they go into school. Not impossible, but difficult. We really had to have our daughter tested because she was literally failing Kindergarden. She also has an Opositional Personality, common in alot of ADD kids, and that make it even harder as she was constantly challenging the teacher. Between our 4 kids they all have had "phases" but the bottom line is how do they do in school, and even if they are ADD how functional are they. ADD has a number of degrees, and there is a list of symptoms that a child must exibit consistently for an extended period of time for the diagnosis. I cant tell you to test or not to test, but as a simple reference point, our daughter has an IQ of 125, shes very very smart, but it takes us almost 3 hours to get her to go through 10 spelling words in the 3rd grade, if left alone to do a page of homework she will never, and I mean never finish it, If you send her to get something for you, most of the time she does not come back at all, and if she does she has completely forgotten about your request, all because she simply cant focus on her task, and the size of our family makes it even harder on her. As far as the hyperacrivity and being a handful, when we look back they hyperactivity is obvious, but when we were trying to figure it out then it was not so easy to see. I believe most of the hyperactivity tests are based on timing the child and seeing how many actions of a certian type they do in a minute, such as tapping, fidgiting, etc. I think most 4 year olds have some hyperactivity, and thats what makes it hard to separate. Read some of the ADD articles, and get the list of symptoms, you will have a clearer picture if you compare that list to your child. Also remember theat alot of ADD children change there behavior with there surroundings making it more difficult to see at times.

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