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Posted by Sunstorm on October 24, 1999 at 10:08:20:

In Reply to: he has really lost it now ! posted by Brandi on October 22, 1999 at 21:18:48:

Dear Brandi,

I don't know if there is anything more you can do other than be a friend to him, which you are doing now. ADD unfortunately does lead many to get a hell of a
temper, it was one thing that got me in trouble too more than once. I didn't bounce off the walls when I was young, but I was just like him in the temper area when I was
struggling to grow up. How old is he? I think his parents needs to seek professioanl help for him, if he's that disruptive in class, he'd bound to have
a lot of other issues to deal with. The stress of having ADD and then being disliked by just about all the other kids is extreme, and that unfortunately does little
for one's temper, or mood. His nerves probably were frayed, with ADDers that tends to happen easily. I'm sure he's embarrassed that he took it out on you too,
I had to recover from foot in mouth disease many times over the years. One thing he can do is when he feels like he's getting overloaded mentally is to take some "down time,"
in short go someplace where it's quiet and relax. I made use of the school library for that reason. But he needs outside help dealing with his problem, you can be one of
those who can show him how to master ADD, instead of ADD running his life for him. You are a true friend to him for sticking by him and trying to help, but it might
be best to let him approach you first. In that way he won't lose his cool with you as often and don't let him be abusive to you either.


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