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Posted by alicia on October 29, 1999 at 04:44:48:

In Reply to: Re: A.D.D. CHILD REFUSES TO TAKE MEDICATION......... posted by Cori on October 08, 1999 at 10:46:05:

I have ADD and I am also chosing to be without the medication. When you are on it, you are experiencing an altered state of mind. I know, you say that this state of mind is the normal state of mind, but for the ADDer it is altered even down to the sensory perception level. Furthermore, everytime the medicine wears off you are reminded of this because the coping mechenisms that work on the medication do not work when it wears off. And, it causes the person to have a yo-yoing effect as in: "now you can, now you can't! In fact, for me, I found myself locking my keys in the car more on the medication than when I was off of it because when it was active I got into the habit of not using my normal coping mechenisms. Also, a person wants to know that they can handle themselves with or without their pills and the only way to do it is to try it. Otherwise, it feels like you are on the edge of madness, with only those little pills which may or may not be there keeping you from it. What a wonderful way to live life! People who have ADD and the people who love them need to remember that it is a trait that has been around for a long time in the human race and many of the greats, if you look at their behavior seem to have used the advantages provided by ADD of having intense levels of energy, periods of hyper-focus, and the having of a stronger emotional intensity to enable them to add what they added to our society. This is just another way to look at it. By the way, as you probabally already know there are alot of things out there about how to handle relationships and anger management issues not specifically oriented to ADD, perhaps you could have them around the house. But, remember, he probably just wants to insure that he has the ability to control himself by himself, so the more you become involved, the angrier he will be because he will be experiencing it as you coming in and preventing him from gaining this criticle life tool.


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