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Posted by alicia on October 29, 1999 at 10:16:59:

In Reply to: Getting tested posted by JAKE on October 15, 1999 at 03:32:36:

If you are like me, your family already knows that there seems to be something different about you, so it probibally will not surprise them to find out that it has a name. There are however alot of books out there on how you can manage the annoying things about this part of yourself. Think of it more like being a person who learns best visually in a world of people that learn auditorily,because they are expecting you to learn best the way that they do, alot of their suggestions on how to do better seem to be way harder for you to use than it is for them to use. Not that horrible of a difference is it? However, once we find out what are the things that work, the problem is that all we have to use to learn them is the old tools that don't work that good. This is where the medication can come in, because it tones down the differences enough so that we can more easily impliment what we have learned will help us. All of the doctors I went to will stress that the pills do not cure ADD they simply toneit down. And they were simpathetic to my fears to and we started out with a small dose and then gradually increased. Another thing that is going on is that people have the ADD attributes in different amounts, some stronger and some weaker. And, often people will think that you have the traits in Exactly the same way as they do or as someone they know does. Know yourself, and just relate your own experience with your abilities to them. It is really hard to deal with that you may have to do things in a different way than other people have to, I am really struggling with that one too. But, I know the sooner I do it and start the work of discovering what are the easy ways for me to operate in this world the sooner I will be able to easily use by abilities to their fullest in this world.

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