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Posted by Sunstorm on October 31, 1999 at 23:21:09:

In Reply to: ADD symptons posted by stephanie on October 31, 1999 at 00:44:37:

Symptoms of ADD are often subtle and vary from person to person. What your son's has experienced may or may not
be signs of ADD. I have forgotten where I have left things a moment before, I nearly lost an expensive camera that way
once, luckily I realized that and got it back. The problems with short term memory is but one of many problems ADD people have.
Others are the inability to concentrate, problems relating to others, and periods of feeling "underwater." In my case I often feel like I
I'm submerged in wet cement, and that can strike anytime anywhere. Children and some adults with ADD also show aggressive, impulsive
or hyperactive behavior. Trouble with completing homework or workplace assignments is often a problem ADDer's face, even in the face of
extreme effort on the part of the person. Often ADDer's suffer tremendous problems forming and keeping realtionships, let alone knowing
how to gauge a social situation and act accordingly.

I must caution here that it's dangerous to assume the he has ADD. All kids and adults have periods of not remembering things, or being
impulsive, distractable and rowdy. With an ADDer, it's all the time without let up. If he is having these memory blackouts all the time, it would be a good
idea for him to get a check up. But beware of a cut a dried answer, there was no doubt that I have ADD after several specialists tested me
when I was in grade school. But accepting the opinion of one specialist is not a good idea. Get more than one opinion, ADD is a lable that harms people in
ways non ADDers cannot understand. There are many books in the library and bookstores that deal with the subject of ADD and how to manage it.
One book that I found helpful is entitled, "You mean I'm not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy!" It's not the last word on ADD, but it has helped me to grasp why my life has taken the
course that it has.

If he does turn out to have ADD, it's not hopeless, he can learn to make it work for him instead of against him. If the greatest people in the arts, science,
medicine, law, politics and the like were given a battery
of psychiatric tests, a good many of them would show up as ADDers. So are many criminals anddrug addicts. The difference here is that some with ADD
learn to make it work for them, others not understanding what is happening to them crack under the stress of social dissapproval and worse. They eventually
implode like a sinking submarine, and either lash out violently or withdraw into a haze of drugs and booze in the company of other probable ADDers.

It's imperative that if he has ADD that he gets a handle on it now, it'll save him from a future replete with failures and frustrations, not to mention your peace of mind.
I never really understood what was going on with me until my mid 20's, by then it was too late to make up for a lot of missed opportunites. Understand that this
can't be wiped away with pills, that is what schools and the medical community want people to think. Whatever is bothing him, a lot of love and support will
go a long way in making a positive difference in his life and yours. ADD can not be cured or outgrown, but it can be and is overcome everyday. Good luck and
God bless you.

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