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Posted by Dee Dee on November 02, 1999 at 14:57:48:

In Reply to: Re: what kind of doctor should I see for a potential adult ADD diagnosis? posted by Dave Pierce on November 02, 1999 at 13:24:29:

: : : Hi everyone. I'm new here and am hoping someone might be able to give me some advice... I am suspect that I may have ADD but I have no idea how to confirm my suspicions. I'm 32 and am completely healthy with the exception of a whacky Thyroid (it's hypo) so the only doctors I see are my OB/GYN and an endocrinologist (both, once a year). I recently completed an adult ADD symptoms checklist that I found on the web and my score was off the chart. I've suspected for years that there's something "up" with me but have never considered pursuing it until just recently (as a kid, everything about me was explained by my being left handed - if you can believe that!). Then, recently, I've had the opportunity to learn more about ADD. In reading some of the posts herein, I've nearly cried as I recognized many of my own characteristics, ideosyncracies, etc. As a kid, I was held back in the 2nd grade and my parents were constantly told that I would be a wonderful student if I only applied myself. As an adult, at work I have to force myself to focus on what people are saying to me. During meetings and conference calls I have a very difficult time staying focused on the task at hand, my mind is always wandering here and there... I am always juggling several projects (at home and work) at the same time... almost nothing gets my undivided attention. Well, this is just the tip of my iceberg; I won't bore you with any more at this point. However, if anyone has any suggestions for me - especially as to how I might go about obtaining an accurate diagnosis - either way, I would very much appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

: : Careful with Daves advice as he said to see a physicist and that is not a doctor that is more of a scientist. I would call you regular MD and ask them for a referral to a clinic that does ADD testing. The first step is to be tested so a diagnosis can be made. From there they will tell you who to see and/or what to do next. Good luck.

: : Dee Dee and Mary, Well thatís ADD for you. I can't believe I put down physicist what in the world could a physicist do for someone with ADD maybe tell them that the ADD is caused by the space-time continuum. What I obviously meant was a psychiatrist; a MD that specializes in various emotional problems, brain chemical imbalances and other disorders of the brain. If you went to a clinic you would probably see a psychologist first who is not a MD but an MS or Ph.D. That person would probably administer various tests to determine if you are actually ADD. Then you would be referred to a psychiatrist who could prescribe medication if deemed needed. Sorry for my stupid mistake. Dave

Mary and Dave -- thanks to both of you for your responses! Taking the first step, to actually make an appointment is going to be tough... thanks again! Dee Dee

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