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Posted by Sue on November 06, 1999 at 21:29:17:

In Reply to: Age for diagnosis of ADD... posted by withheld on October 08, 1999 at 17:33:38:

I understand your frustrations completly. My son is in first grade and is very bright. They tell me is fine with one on one but is not completing his work in class. He can do the work and does it fine at home. He was evaluated in kindergarten by the child study team and diagnosed with ADDH. He is not hyperactive in any way he is actually the opposite. His teachers tell me he is bored and they are refusing to meet his needs. He is not eligible for special ed because he did very well on all of the schools testing. I am persuing other options to help him because they want me to give him medication. He is a wonderful 6 year old boy who I have never had a problem with. The people I am dealing with in school are not very helpful and I am actually getting sick just trying to get him what he deserves an education. I do not think that you are wrong I am sure that your son is a normal child. The schools want every kid to the same so its easier for them. I am sure there are alot of children who have problems that benifit from an ADD diagnosis but mine is not one of them. I would advise you to have him evaluated by the child study team so he can get the attention he needs. Be very careful of what you agree to I am finding now that by letting them be the experts that I am depriving him since I will not agree to medicate until I have explored other options. I know he definatly has an attention problem but I do not feel medicating him instead of finding the underlying problems is the answer. I am going through this now so if you need to talk E-mail me any time.

What's is the proper age to begin testing for ADD and at what age can an accurate diagnosis be made? My son is 5 years old. His teacher just figured out today that when he's being worked with one-on-one he does fine. (I've only been telling her this for 2 months.) He is ahead of age on knowing his alphabet, numbers, etc...He does not write well. Too much work for nothing to him. He can draw incredibly well. Creativity is astounding. His speech is normal+. If he is not interested in what is happening, give it up. He listens very well to stories and explores his books on his own regularly. But because he won't do his work for her in the classroom, it was suggested that we talk to his doctor about ADD. He does this work as soon as he gets home totally by himself without any help from us and within a minute or two. He has been telling us that his teacher doesn't like him and she is always mad at him since the 2nd week of school. (He said she's a dangerous "roobot." :-) )
: I know I'm babbling and I apologize. The teacher has been trying to tell us that we need to hold him back a year (which made the school counselor and principal very mad) and now this. I'm so frustrated.

: So please, give me an age that I should have become concerned with ADD. I have thought all this time that he was a normal 5 year old. Guess I was wrong...

: Thank you for any help and support. :-)

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